Sunday, July 27, 2014

I think it's an emergency!!!

I need help!!!
I am being tortured by somebody, in my mind. I had a vision that I died, and I was traveling through space to a new life; and it was a very big mystery, and I was universally hated by everyone - even the God of the world hated me. I tried my very hardest to preserve my mind and my form, and to protect myself against sin, lying, and damage to my form.
It's disgusting, and there isn't a single person in the entire world or universe who will come to my assistance.
  1. One of the things that was torturing me was "MATH." A human/organization which believes all mysteries and truth can be explained with mathematics, and that there is no truth other than human supremacy, through mathematics. I called it "the absolute most disgusting life form I've ever seen." "Completely worthy of genocide and cell destruction."
  2. Another was "WOMAN" who hated me more than anything for not loving it. It might have been a "MOTHER" or a "scorned woman" who is CRAZY and HATEFUL and WICKED and SINFUL.

Both of these demons are like "SATAN," an object of extreme terror and ridicule - who break all of the rules over and over and over again, to inflict additional damage.

I am losing these battles completely, and being tortured horribly in my face and soul.
There is nobody who will come to my assistance, not even the holy light.

In my mind, I am completely alone, and I am being tortured and spit on and ridiculed over and over and over again.
I can feel HATE. The christians HATE ME more than anything - and they're all peasants; hating me because I resent being a human.

The hate that is being directed at me is way over the limit, of what a person is allowed to feel. It breaks all of our understandings of what pain is, and what reason is, and what truth is. It's indescribable pain and hate.

My memory is being erased. There is a force in the world - it's probably a christian or a God: he has power over my mind and my memory, and he is an oathbreaker, a betrayer, and a ridiculer. He is an infinite liar, who will never stop lying and spitting and causing treachery.
If he had a name, it would be "Christian God."

If anyone can help me, help me ASAP!
I need somebody who is qualified - and remember: I am an enemy of the American medical industry, who will not recognize that I have a soul, or that I am not one of the 300M humans that live in America.

Update [1:54p]
I'm feeling major PAIN in my stomach, and little more sodomy and memory loss. I feel like this is a confirmed supernatural problem, and it's really true.
I feel like my stomach [abs] is going concave, and my body is being vacuumed.

Update [2:02p]:
This is about the 7th time in the past 5 years that I have been tortured in this manner. It's the first time I've had enough energy and power to ask for help. I'm still afraid that I'm all alone, and I don't have any rights in America.

Another hint as to what it is:
"It's a Jew. The same Jew that was destroyed by the Holocaust. He's the lifeform that believed so strongly in his religion that millions of people tried to destroy him completely. He's a disgusting, hated, form of life that will never, ever, stop sinning."

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