Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Update about college entrance

In other news, I got an email back from Cornell university, and I'm a little disappointed.
YET AGAIN, they're going with this "dangerous person" outlook, instead of something smart.
I'm convinced that they're actually incompetent, and truly have no clue how smart I am.

Do you know how many wars have been fought, about the equality of men? Men born into poor families, men born with brown hair, men born a little unhandsome, men born with no power?
So many wars, you'd think that Cornell would know better than to lower me to a "deranged college dropout" and threaten me with criminal charges.

I am convinced that we do have power - and our power exists in God. The repository of all of our souls, and all of our wishes, etc. In fact, I'm willing to bet my entire life, that we do have souls, and that injustices against us and untruths are always retaliated upon.

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