Thursday, July 10, 2014

I watched Earth to Echo [sorta], then sat by a tree

Earth to Echo, what a good movie.
The camera work and the childhood memories were all great, and reminded me of some adventures I had when I was little.
That crayon was pretty smart.

But after about 40 minutes of the film, I started getting sick. Serious nausea in my stomach, in my head, in my brain. This was after I started seeing the alien and seeing similarities with it. Major pain for me.

So I left - with the intention of finishing the movie later, or pirating it.

And then I went home, and sat by a tree, and prayed. I was there for about an hour, and about half of the nausea went away. This is the tree that I associate with the God of TIME, and why I go there to commune with her.

Man, I sure do feel a lot of pain. I probably feel 3 times more pain than other people, and am about half as alive. Life is almost literal hell for me [well not catholic hell].

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