Thursday, July 10, 2014

Iggy Azalea - Fancy [A retarded song that doesn't even have a beat]
[I won't post the video in blog, since it doesn't deserve to be here]

Reasons why this song cannot be a hit song, except through the power of war and mind.
-The beat is minimal and crappy
-Iggy looks horrible. She doesn't even have a good figure. It's so weird seeing Iggy and Charli together, because one is real[Charli] and the other is horrible[Iggy]. It doesn't fit.
-The choreography of the MV is just tour, and makes crap
-Much more

This video is so horrible, and the music is plain.
I could feel "TIME" the summation of world events, and the "historic truth." [The massive engine which controls our hearts] I didn't see anything good about this video except that God was telling us to love it - and fortunately, it failed. This song is retarded, and Iggy is a role model.
What really got me was the acting in the music video

You'll see that "100% trendy video" that they create with their WORLD has changed over time. If you study these things, you'll see that the "coolest song" in the 1990's has completley different dance moves, different choreography, and different time.

I find it liberating to find these things, and to free myself from the mind-slavery.
But this wasn't at all a perfect description of the effect: with my mind, I cannot seem to quantify the time and the power -especially as it relates entirely to my green soul and rebel religion of truth.

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