Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Insatiable = banalities; Mensa test proves I'm sane

Is it possible that "insatiable" is a code word for Mensa? Something which describes the destiny of men bound to life and serial?
I couldn't find the answer - how could I, when my mind doesn't belong to me, and I don't have unlimited mind powers.
But I did use an anagram checker, and it apparently wasn't listed on the first one I found. This was a sign.
"Insatiable" is an anagram in the Mensa workout, and "banalities" was the correct answer. What an amazing joke.

Of course, I wish I didn't have to cheat. I've studied my mind so much, and the existence of the soul, and I truly believe I didn't do anything wrong by studying time and magick.

I'm convinced that if I can finish this test, and some other intelligence tests, I'll prove that I'm not insane - and I can free myself of the mental health industry.

I've done at least 60% of the problems without cheating. I'm content with that. Especially since it's impossible for me to finish the rest of them, without stressing my mind and becoming a "deadmind."
Is it possible that Mensa is a holy organization? Truly aware of the massive deadlock, and terrifying and top-secret secrets about the human soul, the human condition, and the POWER of TIME?
Are they willing to help any soul who lives on this Earth, and has died against the hordes of common people, power-holders, rights-holders, and Earth-tortures?
I personally think, when I'm good, that it's 100% reasonable to sit back and do nothing - to be a sin and watch the world go by, and abstain from interacting with human condition. Does Mensa agree with my religion?

I secretly am terrified of many "genius people," because I suspect that they are corrupted, by high ideals and membership in secret armies. After all - intelligence is a very corruptive ideal.
Intelligence = power for billions of men, and I'm convinced almost all of them create intelligence without understanding the point: lordship. Security, power, reason, and dead.
Intelligence: it's based upon so many different factors, including your disposition and birth. Many different people of serial intelligence cannot agree, and many can't even agree that the other is sane and healthy.

My intelligence is primary one of serious organizations, and major money. "Raw power" and "the ability to win arguments" and "calculation ability" and "crossword genius" are not important - but instead security and freedom and time. Money is one of the most difficult things in the world to obtain [for my people, not for royalty] and is a serious proof of human will and banalities.
As for the workout: I was watching my TIME as I worked, and I reasoned that it was fine that I couldn't answer 3 of the questions. I was also very pleased by my intelligence as I worked the problems, and I realized once again - that my mind is actually an object created by "the God," and I am still connected to "The Earth," a dead object of sanity, coldness, and light.


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