Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Is the human species good or bad? [Bad]

This is from the perspective of an "extra-terrestrial," or an "Angel" who drops to Earth from otherworld.

Said person lands in a random city in America, and is completely used to major civilization and progress.

Said person would find:
-massive stereotyping
-massive mis-identity of all humans [they do not know what they are made of]
-complete torture and blackmail of all life, to not commit crime
-almost zero TRUTH, whatsoever
-massive pollution, and electrical mind-torture
-an enormous power that controls the hearts of all people, so that the truth does not surface
-a "HELL" in ever city
-no Holy, in any way

I think this is going to be my position from now on: the truth comes from "Aliens," who are truly civilized and massively industrial.

There are some very intelligent, idealistic plans that have been set forth in time: and it is clear that truth and idealism is not the purpose of this Earth.

There is massive confusion within religion whether the human species is good or bad - and unfortunately, my head is not strong enough to figure it out. There are clearly some highly-contaminated, mind-controlled objects in the Earth, which do not allow a mind to understand - which exist only to confuse.
Therefore, my positions comes from something which exists, outside of the Earth.

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