Thursday, July 24, 2014

Is Slavery real? Is there real torture in the world?

If there was a God in the world - and you were born of him, and he held your life in truth [meant to say trust]:
How bad could it get: if the character of the ruling party was sin or malevolent?

I'm firmly convinced that torture is completely real, and that most of it comes from common people expressing themselves, and their conditions, on people.
Obviously common people do not at all have the holyness, dignity, or virtue that our race care.
They're not even fully functional [read: anti-human], and deserving of glory.
You might say: they can do all their work correctly [something which amazes me], such as banking, societal expectations, and professional work.
But everything that has to do with TIME, ceremony, or blood -they fail miserably. The truth is: it's not that they don't care; it's that they're degenerate and cannot comprehend the mind of God [royal].

But as for malevolence, and "just how bad it can get" I am reminded of this photo I took earlier.
I do believe that there exists great torture, humiliation, slavery, and genocide. The seed for it exists inside millions of people - especially men in power;
I guess you could say: I am somebody who definitely believes in Satan - he exists; he survives; and he is not insane/dead. That is real.

The horse is foaming at the mouth. It wasn't the only one. It is hopping ferociously, like a slave would who cannot wrap his mind [oath] around your plan and authority.
I wasn't surprised when I saw it: it reminded me a lot of myself - completely trapped in a dead body, incapable of freeing myself from the power of the infinite peasant people, their flag, and their god.

The rest of the album can be found here: [Kent Cornucopia July 13th, 2014]

God is making fun of me real hard. She tells me what to write when I do this, and I'm reminded just how crazy I am. Damn; I wish my head would just work.

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