Friday, July 11, 2014

Juan Christian became a homosexual - because God hated men so much

Apparently, some of these Christians hate me because "I won't become a homosexual."
Being a homosexual, for the love of God, is about living in the Sea of this Earth and finding you cannot resist.
This is very surprising to me: I've always fought for "more power," not less power.
I cannot ever become a homosexual - because I'll just forbid myself the right to find men appealing, the right to sin, the right to eat, the right to fuel. I'll even put runes on my body, if necessary, to prevent any homosexual feelings.

We are resolutely anti-homosexual.. because it doesn't make any sense. If you're attracted to men -you got hit by a "gay demon," or your mind was broken. There is no benefit at all, in all of our human species and all of our traditions, to become a homosexual. Even if your mind has been convinced, you need to overpower it and win.

As for... becoming homosexual because you cannot deny God...I've already made an answer to that one.
"God's kingdom is thousands [or millions] of years old, but we haven't inherited any of it. I'm only a young man, and the power of that scumbag is preventing me from seeing all the beautiful things the human species has created, and is telling me that his world is "a rich kingdom that only the criminal can inherit."

I want to have power over my head, the power to lie, the power to escape, the power to see TIME.
I lived most of my life believing that "Crime" was impossible, and that if you ever did commit a crime, you could never talk to an attorney or a police officer ever again, "or it might just slip out."

So naturally, we fought to align our minds to the physics of space. "They can't get inside of my mind because my head is impenetrable."
As for TIME, we think there is a TON of money in it; Only doing things that we can do, and never doing anything that a human[read: peasant] can do.

[This post is all about people who are highly christian, and carry the weight of the world on their shoulder - believing that their souls must suffer to pay for the sins of the Earth - and that homosexuality is their curse. I am completely free of both guilt and gayness.]
[Also, I am very anti-christian, because they don't discriminate against the common people - and I think there are a lot more sinners, warts, freaks, and times in the world than you might think - and it's their job to clean them. Also, they never once helped me get rich, or live a clean life, or find freedom. We're not friends.]
And lastly - they're in my head, and I am very, very tired of their moral predicaments and religious fiction.

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