Tuesday, July 29, 2014


The peasant MASS are God?!?!
Not the God that I believe - Holy Glory and Virtue and Justice; INSTEAD: a God of growth, mold, and unintelligent hatred.

I am so terrified right now - I wish I could leave completely and be free of the mass hatred of peasant sin. I'm afraid they'll find me and destroy me - and I won't ever lie.

Of course I suspected; I knew that there was something very off about the God and his expectations of me. He hated me for being anti-human; for telling the truth; for rejecting the American status quo; for trying to find Holy [freedom ti]; for being rejected.

Today, when I threw away my milk: I realized for truth.
Why does Milk go bad so quickly? Why is there MOLD everywhere, in every cupboard and room?!
Why does my mind go foggy, and blank [because a peasant found me - a dissenter]. Why is there so much HATE and FURY by the peasant infinite abomination?

The truth is that the "life of Earth" is gross; it is sick, and undead, and moldy. The disgusting peasant people are made out of it - and everything they do is a reflection of it.
Most of my race has already left the planet, and gone on to better planet.

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