Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Mind Powers: how I speak to peasant people

To a peasant man:
Have you ever done anything [Yoga] or smart at all - anything intelligent??
Have you ever looked in a mirror, and tried to put your mind, your eyes, your soul, your face, in order?!
Have you ever tried to move your mind behind your eyes, and developed eye powers/mind powers?
Have you ever done anything which separates [alt. completes you] you from the 200 Million other people in this nation, who are almost identical to you, in function and appearance.

This is just the beginning. This line of thought: souls and mind-power, is of very great interest to me.
Especially: vehicles of inequality. And of course, I believe that there is hope in the world, even for people like me who were born to poor families - there has to be.

An idea: If John Winston gets his hand blasted off; and he has 400M dollars, is there any way to fix it??
Yes. Obviously. But the truth has been covered up for my people. Obviously Mr. Winston is going to get himself a new hand. This is just the truth of time.

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