Saturday, July 12, 2014

My fight with Time people

Apparently, the US "royalty" are "survivors of the Rennaissance" and that's why we've had such a very big problem communicating.
It's also why they don't respect my blood or skin - or magick law for example. And why when we fight - they're always hitting me from two different angles, and penetrating my soul so I cannot be secure and calm.

I'm convinced that I've lost about 80% of all my life-force fighting with these people - who I perceived to be "world leaders" and "UN treaty signers." People who were fighting for goals and organizations and treaties way beyond me and my concern for money, fame, truth, security, and heaven. In fact, I believed it was literally impossible for us to get along -when they were completely wealthy and "set up" and I was literally a slave.
It turns out this opinion was right. For the purpose of the USA and the wealth - my souls and blood exist for the purposes of their rituals and their slavery and their hate.

There has been some serious torture involved - and I don't believe I have ever once gotten a hit in. The completely inequality of this world is permanent.

For example: when I first started envisioning: we were not allowed to make walls, or barriers, or anything powerful around our soul or zone. Everything happened like a crisis, and we had no major power to protect our head from confrontations with other people.
But other people: important people: were literally 50 times more protected, and stable, and highly valued, than we were. Some people were even 1000 times greater than we were.

What I've learned is that God himself is guilty of massive inequality, and that it's almost impossible for me to even imagine or envision the weapons and powers that this government possesses, or the sick tortures and major fetishes that their millions of peasants have created, from their hate and their sin. Let alone defend myself from them.

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