Friday, July 11, 2014

My mortal enemy - the person who has possession of my blood

There's a person called "Jamie" [Janie]
who is basically the anti-christ. The destroyer of truth, the defiler of love, the sin of fire, the evil of TIME.
She is an agent of the USA Fed and is empowered to control the minds of men [I think around Seattle].

She has been in my head for nearly 9 years now.

The name "Jamie" comes from another person "World-Jamie" who exists elsewhere in the world, and is considered to be a saint. The first person USA-Jamie is pretending to be a God, and destroying people 100%.

I think she's like a SPIDER, or a monster, or a Genocidal super-nazi right in the middle of the Holocaust.

Every time I try to think about "Souls" she is there in my head, altering my memories. She has the power to confuse me, to literally change the truth of everything. She is the reason why I'm so dead.

The worst thing is, she has "the power of God," she can destroy my memories, she can destroy my soul, she can destroy my light, and she can defile my truth - she has done so many, many times.
I feel as if 80% of my lifeforce on this planet has been destroyed by her.

She is kind of like the "Whore of babylon" or "the mother who loves you, but really really needs you to die, most preferably by serious torture." 

It is because of this person that I have concluded... there is nothing left in this world but 100% death.
I have seen "real war," where every single person is dedicated to fighting, and there is complete control, blackmail and sin everywhere. I have seen the world, where "my people" and the infinite peasant people stand up right next to each other, because all that matters is a head.

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