Monday, July 7, 2014

New notes

The program name for "Ultrasurf browser" [that looks suspicially like IE 10] is "Microsoft Windows." ????  lol

This dude on is flaming.
He says "I quit my job to work on Adblock" and he relies on voluntary paying "emotional compulsion" to pay for his expenses. Not likely.
Considering how damned important Adblock is, to millions of internet people - I bet he's a robot. He's secretly working for Corporate interests, or maybe even The Illuminati.

These sorts of games are completely normal in the real world - for people who live wealthy and watch the world go by, without any regard for *****.

I'm not kidding.
Corporate business people are so horrible, they have greedy white dudes working for ads, and greedy white dudes working for ad-blocking, all in the same office.

This website:
hasn't been updated since 2010.. why?
With such an interesting idea, and a great name, why is it taking up space on the internet. It looks dead.
Why haven't our internet progressives shut down the website already?

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