Sunday, July 27, 2014

Proof of God #9 [] and a productive day

I was at the park, and discovered some really smart things. The past 2-3 days have been very productive for me.

I learned that 
-I hate women, and the women are in power now.
-There is a demon called "sui" that takes over the minds of all the people who are wasted from suicide - and treats them very disgustingly.
- My soul is dead, and I'm in some serious major danger, from how many people I've offended with my philosophy [exclusive truth].
-There is real FATE in this world, and my fate is God.
-God has to be real.

  • There are no lives without meaning [like a tree or a bird]. Similarly, if God wasn't real; our lives wouldn't have meaning. He is me, and he the miracle of life. If god wasn't real, then who is it that would remember everything [that I've done] and protect me. Every soul that exists, that believes "I AM" is holy, and is protected by Godma.
  • There is MAJOR PLANNING in the world. I had a dream that I was watching a Roman Emperor, and he was trying to create a perfect city, symmetrical and circular and holy - but then he met with "the stars" and "the illuminati" and they convinced him that it was wrong to make a perfect city.

My idea of a perfect city is like this: 

  • The imperial city from ES4: Oblivion - which has strong worth.
  • The Emerald City inside Oz: The great and powerful [2013].
  • A city entirely created out of reinforced ice [something I've made: Ice Castle Camelot].
  • A city which is completely counter-human [the poor people] and exists to correct the human species.
  • Maybe... a city which celebrates all colors, because we're really lacking on that one.
  • God is the person who takes care of us, beyond life. I've also heard [loria] that God is "the lynchpin" that holds everything together; the most complicated thing in the world: being truly holy and making difficult decisions every day, sometimes even murder of royalty.

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