Friday, July 25, 2014

Proof of Love: Lady Gaga

I have a connection to Lady Gaga [who I think is crazy good looking]!

-Her father's name is Joseph [mine too]
-Her name is Stephani [mine is Steven, sometimes spelled Stephen]
-She dropped out of university [same]
-I strongly believe that she's an angel [I'm part angel too]
-She's 1 year older than me [b1986]

I think that means it's a safe bet to fall for her.
My favorite songs from her: Applause, Bad Romance
But I haven't listened to all of her songs. Whatever gossip people will say about her - I will believe that she's perfect and born of hell [like us].

Snapshot from "Bad Romance" Music Video.

I think some of her music is a little scary, and adulterous - but that's the entertainment industry. I still luv her.

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