Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Proof that I'm a genius [sorta]

I love green powerade!!!!

the one I had this morning was "melon," but I didn't taste anything fruity. I thought it tasted "green." [stole]
There's a reference to this in pop-culture [G.G. from Spider1] and we know that green is an extremely powerful and dangerous world.

But the fact that I love G. Powerade is another proof to me that I'm SANE, and good.

In other news: I've determined that "The American Fed" is literally in my head, destroying my mind, and threatening to crucify me [making me crazy]. I'm actually certain - and willing to bet major gold.
And of course, I am extremely anti-fed. Worse yet - they're doing so in a belligerent and unintelligent manner and with "r. psychology."
They talk to me just like the Chairman of the Army would talk to a derange hippy from Mass. I truly feel my soul has been ravaged and spiked be these men, and I will forever remember the shape, names, and faces of the ultimate evil.


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