Friday, July 25, 2014

Romulan type

There are so many things in the world that are completely reasonable, from the minds of our idealistic and opinionated men, but haven't happened.
That's how I know that Hell is real - it's where everything that is real and firm happens.
One idea:
[I was thinking about A song of Ice and Fire, and how all of the details of the world came from the mind of George RR. Martin - and it was strange]
What if - there was something like World of Warcraft, with millions of subscribers, and their actions are what cause the books and plot to be written?
You'd see very weird things; after all, the internet is a very crazy, strange place.
Obviously - there would need to be classes, and a hero system. A player can't do anything meaningful if he's exactly similar to everyone else.
[Also, I think WoW is also a little bit overkill on content and levels - it's insulting to men like me who can't play more than 8 hours a week]

And then I realized - that obviously, this had already happened. But not on Earth - in the land of the Dead people [heaven/hell].

Another concept that I am fixated on: a primary idea that contributes to my anti-humanism, is the absurdity of humans and colors. The humans just cannot seem to understand how confused they are about colors - which are fundamental to all sorcerers and major religions.
In my mind - there should be an entire city that is entirely green; and it should serve as the fort of all men who lives the green life. We have a very different identity and philosophy than other humans.

The intolerance and the extreme bigotry, and mortal sin, of American power-holders cannot be under-simplified. They are men who do not even care about colors - the most vivid concept for 95% of all lifeforms. I actually think they're lunatics, and they're immoral, and they're exactly the same thing as 2000 years of royalty, corruption, military tyranny, and incestuous drama.

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