Monday, July 7, 2014

Strangest Animal Posse: 2 Deer 1 Cat

I'm a little mythed about this channel.
There are 1600 views, and 1540 subscriptions. That's a little off.
You know that with a name like that "Tears of Jesus," there's got to be a trick somewhere -after all, there are hundreds of millions of christian peasants in the US.
I didn't see anything that was particularly offensive to me, so I guess it's fine.

I've met "J.C." before, I think. I pictured him as being "extremely clean." Obviously I can't give my soul and my life to the christian god, because I wasn't born compatible with his religion. He knew that, and didn't try to control me.
He's very, very different than the christians on Earth would say about him: a brutal god-king of glory and sin and complete obedience.

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