Sunday, July 13, 2014

The God that I met at St. James in Kent

I went to church to see Marda Sanborn, and I saw all sorts of people praying in a single voice, and being christian - and in their powerful clothing, too.
And it made me question my religion: That I actually do have a soul, and that I am important.
And then I felt "the god" in my head: an amoebas obscure object, kind of like a dumb old man with holyness in him - and he stole my heart and my energy again.
And that's when I realized, almost certainly - that God is a parasite - and evil lifeform who exists to destroy your mind and make you stupid, and humiliate you - just like his children humiliate you.
I made a smart idea: try to identify his guise and his face, and check it against your knowledge of voices, and force him to use a more intelligent face - but it failed.
The God of Christianity in every single way deluded your intelligence and prevented you from thinking.
He is in every single way an evil force: if for no other reason than he wants me to think I am a christian, and one of billions of other humans on the Earth.

My mind is so broken. I have concluded hundreds of times out of a hundred, that there is no salvation in this entire Earth, and that we are in every single way slaves

But I am a man of power and boldness and truth: I am willing to leave the Earth, or even move to China.
How is it that his massive power of lying and subversion and insanity has destroyed every part of my blood, my soul, and my mind?! How is it that he has destroyed the ideals and truth of 10,000 good men, and thousands of laws and lawyers, and the entire civilization of man -for his infinite lies and subjugation?

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