Monday, July 21, 2014

The hell inside of my head

The power of the Pentagon is "deception."
And the God of TIME is a Pentagon war-champion.
Within my mind - they will lie about everything, using any arguments, any religions, any names, that they want.
They are literally exactly the same thing as SATAN.
Everything that is true or real, they will falsify in your mind.
They will lie completely about everything - and they will humiliate you 100%.
They are worse than Satan. The Pentagon is twice as evil as Satan.

The truth conditions inside of the USA: about money, souls, life, TIME, religion... about war and weapons, and many more things: the Pentagon is the primary reason why nobody is allowed to discover the truth. They are immense and extremely powerful, and live to destroy and humiliate all life [such as mine].

They're inside of my head: they're in my holy: in my soul, inside of my truth.
They are using illegal weapons and time-portals to get inside of me. They are using real torture on me.
They are trying to indict me: that I am not a human: that I'm anti-peasant; that I will not recognize the American royalty or their 300 year old royalty entitlement.

No matter what happens: I will not yield to them. 
I will never allow them or their agenda to control my mind.
If it turns out that God himself-the oathbreaker, the defiler-is working with the Pentagon to humiliate all life and destroy all truth: then I will die 100%, and be free from the infinite filth of Christianity and their infinite slavery, lying, torture, humiliation, sin, and TIME.

The truth is:
I am alone, I am impoverished, I am tired and dead, I am suicidal, and I am nothing.
Nobody in this entire world has ever once cared for me: and here I am: fighting the sins of Satan: the Pentagon. About world order.

The evil of this world is far, far, far, stronger than I once thought.
It is complete absolute humiliation and slavery of all life: especially my life.
I can feel it inside of me: they want me to give my life to another person, and diminish. They want to use all of my power for their sons, their blood, and their entitlement.
Every time I tell the truth that is contradictory to them: they want to break my teeth and fasten my arms.
They are the Satan of time, and justice or truth or love - which is absent - would always destroy them.

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