Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The major politics of torrents [in religion]

Let me just start and say: I have never found anything on the torrent internet that can save my soul, or lead me to riches, or give me the truth of wealth and title [the secret of inequality].

Torrenting is a religion, so far as I have learned. I have people speaking to me [in hell] about my position on torrents, and I even have a status and a name from men who live with torrents.

It's extremely important to me - since I have my life with the CURSE of no money, and no ability to obtain money. My life runs parallel to the lives of many people who have killed themselves, sometimes as early as 10. I have built a lot of identity and power from my computer and internet connection, and all of the modern-culture things which are only online.

In my mind, there is even a "God of Torrent," somebody who has the power of massive organizational superiority, and can defeat the massive powers of copyright and internet control using this system.
He's in my head a little bit, and I think he has some sort of power over me.

It's very strange, and a little bit horrible!!! I love torrents, but I don't have any use for a God who wants my soul, for the purpose of promoting the internet and internet-downloads. What I really need is sanity and money and a family or an organization to protect me.

The rejection of copyright - 3000 years of wealth preservation, the protection of your name, company, and products [etc] from infringement, by the greed of millions of smart people who want to make money.

Copyright is similar in concept to a monarchy - the supreme value of a King or Queen, their faces and their names and their objects of power [throne, chair, crown, etc].
It might even be said that Copyright is bigger than royalty, Kings, and political parties which use it.
It might even be that copyright is bigger than all the good intentions of all the economists who have studied our world and our nations.

In the construction of a stable world and economy, many philosophers have even agreed that copyright is good, even when extreme amounts of pain and sadness and loss happen as a result - even when it protects monopolies and the extreme unequal status and wealth of parties. At least once, I have been convinced that copyright is actually correct, and that the world works much better with it going.

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