Thursday, July 17, 2014


There is a disgusting life in this world: a maggot.
TIME showed it to me. An insect [the fly] that lives forever to breed and create; it cannot die; it will do anything to follow its urge, to mate and create a new life - so it can continue.
The fly can never die, insect is in every way a TIME animal that cannot reason or be moral or change or be free. 
This fly is extremely important - I am convinced that it constitutes a true reality, and a major force in the world - and I will solve it, discover the truth, and defeat the monster. Violence is not the answer.
The fly is the sort of thing that interest biologists and Gods alike - but not the warlike "Pentagon-people" that I have spent time socializing.

I am the exact opposite of a fly/maggot, I think.
In every way, I will fight the power of the disgusting life, "kill ALL-LIFE," and choose TRUTH[Death] over life - and be free.

I think I already know the answ. My life now - living with the common breeds, fighting over work and conditions of Earth... - I am wasting my private mana, my blood, my soul breed. I am using up all of the power that exists just for me, and will protect me during my life, and ensure vivid memories and smart mind.
It's intolerable and stupid - in contradiction, there are millions of people who will do anything to make me live a full-human-life and see it through - which is EVIL[sin].

I may need help defeating the fly monster.
If you were to look inside of my mind, you would see that I live similar to a robot.
Kind of like a magister who does not know the truth of life, but uses symbols and abstract ideas to quantify his reality - I am doing the same. There are many things which I cannot simply understand. Death.

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