Monday, July 14, 2014

Timecube -a hint at the true?


I understand a lot of the language on TimeCube. It's so important to me that he wrote that, because it makes me "THINK."
Most especially about the "two brain" concept - that was very important.
I hope this saves me from the "plan by christ" that has been in my head for so long.

Update 7/15/14:
Time and Cubes are both extremely sin, and we love them. The domain name is smart, and I can't imagine how Gene Ray could have attained it without sin and work.
But "Gene Ray" isn't a real man, either, is he?

In our religion there is "massive gene warfare going on," and it's the worst thing in the world: being an ignorant participant. In my world-truth, "genes" are bad, and "souls" are good.
But we do know that Genes are divine, and there is serious POWER in it.

I think this is a TIME website, and I'm going to be doing further research on it.
I'll do anything if I can escape Tim Temple, and those god damned christians.

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