Saturday, July 5, 2014

USA and TIME/Space Empires

I wonder if the USA is actually some sort of "alien civilization" that already happened in TIME [in the Stars], that is being represented on the Earth.

I've heard rumors about that: What happens when somebody takes a religion and an ideal all the way to the end, and fights for the sake of the World.
They say that there have been several of them - people and organizations who have completely made up their mind, and never intend to do anything different ever again, except follow the horse.

So my hypothesis then is:
-Everything about America was made up, ever since the very first time major settlers started crossing the Ocean and settling.

A few hints:
-There has only been 1 recognized civil war, in almost 250 years of Nationhood.
-The founding fathers were very strange people - some say "vastly superior"
-The destiny of America is very powerful, like a ramp
-The mysticism represented in American mythology is spacey
-It's been said that "GOD" lives in the US.
-The history of America is very strongly protected: things like Christopher Columbus, and the Pilgrims haven't changed ever.

There are some very weird things about America:
-I've heard that the Native Americans had a strong religion, and it's actually very important to millions of Americans [and some elites] who have rejected Christianity and "God" - especially the Navajo.
-I'm personally very confused about why it took so long for settlers to get to the New World... VERY CONFUSED. Maybe this article will explain it.
-There's a lot more, I just don't have time to list them.

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