Saturday, July 5, 2014

Weird things about my body

1) On both sides of my legs [outer] I am missing hair from my ankle to about 3/4 up to my knee.
It has been this way for several years now, and I think there's something supernatural about it.
It might be a sign of soul-marking, or a fetish.

2) My     is leaking some sort of cream/oil that makes         itchy and smell horrible.
I have been told that this is a sign of "bad blood," or "blood in an inconvenient body."

Obviously, I am going to continue to accrue wealth and blood, but I will have to make peace[sanity] that my body is evidently very, very, poor, and I pretty much never had a chance to do anything.

3) They say that "blood accumulates in the legs and feet"- that appears to be true for me. I've been feeling very different effects on my feet, sometimes a "wind" feel. I've also been told at least 7 times now that I need to "massage" my feet, to get the blood moving.

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