Tuesday, July 15, 2014

What a genie said

I think the secret to separating yourself from the riff-raff is to look inside your brain, and obsess over it. To prize and prioritize it - that is how you become a smarter person.
Also, blood and blackmail.

My life is in some serious danger.
Thankfully - the people who communicate don't want me to work. They don't have any orders to get a job and work like the rest; but they are pretty much the devil, in every other way.
They do want me to join the Army, and suffer major mind control.
They do want me to serve a man [a rich man], a "good christian," who is loved and protected - they want me to give my life and soul for him.
And most importantly - they are still lying to me about souls and money, and declaring me to be an insane person.

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