Wednesday, July 9, 2014

While balancing, I discovered something

I was balancing on one leg, and I saw my leg going out in a strange way, and I saw my arm going out to balance me, and then I realized something.

When I put my arms out, I see points on them. I can see a yellow dot on my hand, which says that "my mind" and "my heart" is watching it, and using it to control the force of my body.

What's weird is that "my heart, my mind" is very dark, and is interacting with me almost from a different world. Our time is de-synchronized, anyway. He doesn't have any ability, or time, to communicate with me at all. He doesn't even care: I tried to move my arms differently, and move my balance, and move the yellow dot, but he was way too fast, and wouldn't allow me to do it.
It's almost the point of my religion to forge higher mind/soul connection, but it looks like I'm damned, and screwed. He doesn't want to come out.

[The picture is not me] Yellow dots are points, red dot is heart.

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