Sunday, August 31, 2014


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Saturday, August 30, 2014

[Peasant] Landlord harassed me today; I won [with the strength of my back] but it still irked me.

Reasons Rick [landlord] wants me to pay him more money

-Rick:"Derrick is moving out because you make problems."
Steven:"You're misleading me; Derrick is moving out for 4 reasons; I'm 1 of them. Derrick is also very weird person; if I speak for 10 seconds at 30db at 10:20pm, Derrick will be at my door knocking and telling me to stop; he's completely shameless."
Rick:"Pay me $40 more a month for your room, or move to the smaller room that Derrick was living in and pay the same [previous] rate."
Steven:"No: for 5 different reasons. If you harass me any more I'm going to call my uncle to defend me."

-You're making noises [don't make any noises at all]
-You made a problem for me
-Derrick cleans; you don't clean at all; derrick is a good boy
-[Major Lie][Check rent agreement][I felt as if Rick was just stupid and lying 100%] The Disk network is included in the utilities - I won't take any money off for not using it, or returning the disk equipment.
[Normally $5 or $10 a month; I pay even though I don't watch Dish]
-When Derrick moves out, "I'm going to be losing money because of you. It's a big problem for me"
-Rooms in Kent regularly go for $550 or more [I think 330-400]
-Homos, and weird people are 5x better than crazy people; I don't like your face.
-I'm not mad [5 times more aggressive and 5x more violent than other times] I'm not mad at all. [He almost hit me.]
-"You defended yourself well - so I'm not going to charge you any more money - but any more problems for me and you're out."
-"You're willing to make me move out over $40 - you don't respect me or care for me at all, do you."

-I think I should tell Dan that Rick is taking advantage of me, and I didn't have enough power to defend myself against his lies.

Post regarding recent nightmare [good]

Shinigami dude [goat mask] how many people know he's a goat - like Baphomet - our sacred symbol of true life and divinity.
Censored Bing search
Bing has completely censored the search; maybe he's important?!
DuckDuckGo only shows me 2 of them:
And that hentai I read, which my friend commented on.
What is the identity of the demonic-possessed Japanese wealth-girl?
Tokyotosho Search for [Miko Wars]
Torrent file to Miko Wars [90MB]
She's been commented on - that I don't know what "Jap. demons are," and that without a demon, she'd be "dead." p. 147 of "Miko Wars Dogwalker" [HENTAI] by Takaoka Motofumi.
She's important to me - though not nearly the first Japanese woman I've seen.
My first memory [compl. unrelated] of a Japanese woman was in elem. school: we had a Japanese guest teacher for study and I had a strong euphoric and happy, lifeful feeling. I never forgot that I liked the Japanese. Another Japanese girl I'm infatuated with is the black/yellow princess Alicu [from dreamland], who I've never forgotten.

Friday, August 29, 2014

A few moments of intelligence - and God the abomin. drops me back into insanity.

Proof that America is 100% stupid:
they don't have fly traps at the Puyallup Fair.
If you made the whole fair 100% insect free, with some intelligent design, you could do something.
But America is just a giant fucking mafia, and a crime lord, and a belligerent emperor.
The God is being extremely deceptive and manipulative.
I want to die 100%, and I want to torture him for 130% of all the damage he has done to me.
I am 95% convinced there is zero holyness in America at all - and 5M police/soldiers/and FBI can destroy my blood and my soul 500 times before a single intelligent [word] finds me and saves me.
My quests leads me to "robots," although the ever-deceptive God is misleading.
"God is EVERYTHING" the human brain has ever created.
"The eyeball can see everything but not anything." It can see everything that isn't real, but it can never see dead people. This is extremely important.
Things you "see" or "imagine" on your hand are real, because the hand doesn't lie.
"1947 was when TIME computers were released onto the world" "Everything after then has been time." "You're inside of a computer world, because you were born after the computer era."
I don't really know.

My truth

The only powers a christian have are TORTURE and LYING.
A christian has never once done a charitable act for me.
But they have lied over 200M times until I am insane.

I have been reminded today: That torture of my body [screaming, insane, gasping, real torture] is coming, and the christians are absolutely 100% fanatical, 100% lying, christian power.

I wish to die 100% forever, absolutely. I wish on my silver.
I wish to remember, absolutely, that God is 100% an oathbreaker, he is 100% a lying infinite witch, and he is 100% an infinite torture robot.
I will never forget these things ever - I swear.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Quit chrome

I think google has a lot to do with your "spiritual rights." You let them see all your information, and it's very important to the spiritual people what you do.
I used chrome, but I've decided to uninstall it.

I was using FF again. In addition to "TOR" and "Ultrasurf" and I just installed a new browser: Pale Moon. I feel good that this new browser will keep me safe, even if people want to take advantage of me.

Chrome really pissed me off; there sure is a lot of "garbage" on the net; not things that "real people [rich]" would eat.

Spiders and s*** spiritual government

Spiders are completely dead.
I tried to make a spider pet once, so I could "read it's behavior and make peace with it."
-Spiders try to "torture" and "kill the soul" of the people it sees.
-Dead things want to kill me because: life isn't good - it's actually abnormal and unoriginal.
I realized again today that "my experience" in my head was actually kind of a joke - there are all sorts of things I want to do - like ask intelligent questions, that I never get around to doing.
It's actually a torture of my brain. I think a lot of people really hate me.

I am reminded of all the phone calls I made about 2 months ago - and how nobody ever called me back or emailed, or visited. But I think "they forwarded it" to the "spiritual authority" and they are responding my torturing me.
The torture is real, and it's very pathetic how many times I fail. I very strongly feel as if they are trying to turn me into a homosexual, by braking my spine and fracturing my ego, and making me weak inside. I hate them completely.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Re: homosexuals

Dreams I've had:
-Scientists creating a "gay virus" to turn thousands or millions of men gay.
-City designers creating "gay area" for retards who can't read maps; social engineering.
-Angels/Gods trying to turn an entire city gay - in a region they don't like.
-Men turning women into lesbians so they can have ***** ***.

-Men who don't even care about women; "it's weird - why do all women have the power to make life? Isn't life supernatural? Is the woman supernatural? Can all women make good children?"
"We don't even care about sex - we only care about our mental, our mana, and our power."
-"Every man knows that homosexual men are laughing"

Insanity Wolf vs. Courage Wolf - ANIMEME RAP BATTLES

This is awesome! Insanity wolf very much disturbs me. I really like Courage Wolf! I hope they make another one.

I have some memories that I'm remembering today

1) you have a special magick, that belongs to just you; I've built it with my blood and my patience. It's unique to you, and it's very, very good.
2) Blue/green is very important, but it's actually from "The tree of life" [Think Israel Regardie]. I'm very optimistic by this.
3) God [the accuser] want's me to know that me driving "up a hill" [in rural N. Spok***] and "the scenic route" is important; it's when I "listened to something" or "realized something" or "lost my soul/rights."
4) Jesus once told me, "you're immortal now, because you created something very important." It was a r*** and it was all about my money and my magick-based religion.
5) Again, J.C. [Jesus] told me that "You shouldn't follow me; you should be following 'the other one.' Think of me as 'the monarch' and know that I'm the guy that you hate - the monopoly holder that wants you to work."
6) The human mind isn't strong; it can't understand all the different forces acting on me; one time, I was fighting "military complex people" and they wanted me to know that "my soul" was involved in both satellite warfare, and also "the missile that protects Sea***." Of course, it was completely incomprehensible to me, and I couldn't agree even 1%. I feel very strongly that "the military people" have their own "God" who controls them: gives them strength and power [money] and keeps them dumb, so they never "go green" and find the truth. Also, he makes lots of people terrified; how he bends the truth so that we have to accept "the military boys" and don't work.
7) J.C. is actually "the god of priests" and if you want special favoritism, and to be "rewarded well" you have to be a man-of-the-cloth. It was actually very impo. to him.
8) The true religion is actually "Immortality" or similarly "TIME;" but they're not the same thing. "A man knows no fear of death, and lives forev"

Something supern* [Aug 25th, 2014]

I was at a local p*** looking at the stars.
Obv. it's not allowed to be in parks after dark [I'm aware] but I don't really care; I do watch for police and homeless, though. And I run away.
I was there tonight [around 11pm] and I was watching the stars, and trying to freshen my head. I brought my pillow and blanket with me, and was lying on the ground looking face.
Two weird things happened:
1) An animal was lurking nearby, about 50 feet away. I was on the far side of the park, in the bushes area [hiding] and there was a nearby field, separated by a fence.
The monster [animal] was in the nearby field of tall grass, separated by a fence. It made a lot of noise, and I kept my pepper-spray ready, to defend myself. Then it stopped making noise and I relaxed. I also threw it some candy licorice that I was eating, but it didn't react. I was 70% certain that the animal was evil and ill-natured.
2) Somebody shined a flash-light on me, twice. It was instant, it was perfectly-aimed, and there was no source. I located it by instinct, to be about 50 feet to my left, in the park; but there was nobody to have done so, and I could see everything. It was a supern* event.
I THINK - in my head, it was like "a computer-aimed flashlight, like a sniper-scope but without any bullets or harm"
I was disturbed by a couple things: 1) It was perfectly aimed, and it didn't touch the ground once, it only touched my torso. 2) It was silent, and there was no noise or origin. I'm convinced it was supern*.
I thought maybe it was a warning, that police were coming; OR: it was somebody from the stars or the heaven making contact with me, and trying to wake me up. The second must have been true.

Monday, August 25, 2014

What I want right now.

My other blog: The quest for immortality
I'm going to try to revive it.

But what I want right now:
A premium account for Filesmonster.
All I need is an account for 1-2 days and I'll be happy.
I tried #asp on thundercity, but they were closed. :*(

My day [Aug 25th, 2014]

I had a lot of shouting today. I felt like it was "especially loud" and "it's impossible for my landlord to not have heard it."
I also did some shouting at the store; then my voice cut out, and I couldn't shout anymore at all. It was very pathetic and a lot human; kind of like "a human challenging a god, and then his body failing at a key moment."

While at the grocery store today: I saw a little boy wearing a TMNT mask, and he was making gestures to me. I returned the favor, and showed him some "moves."

I also saw a colored woman who had a t-shirt on: it read "#WakeUpCall"
So I remembered it, and when I got home, I went to twitter and typed it in.
The search results from bing didn't list it; so I was confused. It listed "everything but" that one.
Even #WakeUpCall_

I think I discovered another point where "bing won't show the full internet" or "where internet censorship begins."

Nothing else to do today; I feel like my life is completely dead, and there's nothing left.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

God is completely real - I'm certain

How to prove that God is real:
-Try to commit a major act of terror: something like a car burglary [vandalizing 30 cars in a parking lot or garage]
-It's not possible

Now how to prove that God truly is real  [why I can't]
-What if the problem is actually "the human mind" and "the human species?"
-How do we prove that it's God, and not my mind, and my DNA, and my sociology?

-I feel very strongly that the God does not allow me to realize, or think clearly. He is obstructing me.
-There are so many different ideas: of major power [destruction, torture] that never, ever happen. That's proof to me that the God is real. Apparently: he HATES smart people committing destruction; juvenile acts of terror. It's my belief that he's [Russian] and wants all people to fight the world, the law, and the gov't through acceptable means, like protests or different.

-I still believe that the Christian god is treacherous; that my blood and my soul and my heart do not protect me from torture, even by "peasant people" and "queers."
-I will never forget ----- xxx  **** "Oathbreaker."

Top 10 Musicians Who Died at Age 27 (The 27 Club)


It's ok, because I'm twenty-nine.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

I got home from a walk

Got tortured again in.

Some crazy dude says "your soul is car" and "I'm going to stick a 5 foot long metal hook inside of you to open the door." "I feel as if -my rib is bending- and -they're trying to turn me into a homosexual- and -they're trying to break my truth completely."
"The american infinite evil is accusing me of hundreds of crimes, and wants me to pay for hundreds of years of treachery. But I'm just a 29 year old soul-user with no money."

The mind of the christians for torture is very, very big - and they are about as stupid as 500 peasant people stuck in a time machine. TRUTH is foreign to them - in fact, I'd say they are even anti-truth.
My closest friends: the place I go for help:
-The mental hospital
-army enlistment

American infinite hatred and absolute treachery has destroyed my entire brain, and all of my soul.
I will never forgive them, absolutely. I swear on my silver blood.

I got home, after a walk.
I'm trying to play "The sims 3 deluxe" off of KAT torrents.
The EA screen to enter your email and password is in Russian. I translated it, painstakingly, but it wasn't valid, and I can't figure out how to make it work.
The KAT comments section doesn't talk about it. I think it's a conspiracy.

My recent torture

I think the truth is:
I wanted to die, more than anything.
It was my opinion, and the opinion of thousands of books and philosophers, that death eternal was the conclusion of decades of research and genie-like truth.

And the christians, the Americans, the Russians, and everyone else:
they took my entire soul, my mind, my memory, and reverse engineered me absolutely so that I was in every single way humiliated, and untruthful.
And they tortured me completely, for the purpose of absolute humiliation, so that I could not die.

And everything I've ever believed about anti-human, and absurd peasant hatred, and angel - was humiliated absolutely.
I am convinced that the American infinite abomination [empire] literally believes I am a soul-less peasant, and they will persist in torture, slavery, humiliation, imprisonment, plagiarism, and fraud - for 100 years, to destroy my silver, my sun, my heaven, and my time.
America is absolutely evil, and bound 100% by sorcery and memory destruction.
They are absolutely peasant, and anti-truth.
I feel over and over again - somebody entering my body, entering my psychic body- and my mind is bending and become "queer" and he is lying absolutely, with the power of holy and God.
He is torturing me, and I am accepting it.

God is absolutely an oathbreaker - and life is not supernatural, and life is very weak and fragile.
And America is absolutely, 1000 times, treacherous and infinitely evil.

The highest truth

God is an oathbreaker.
God's first power is sorcery - the destruction of your memories, and the falsification of your soul.

God's greatest pleasure is the 100 year humiliation: to turn an intelligent man into a crazy person, and make him live for 90 years in poverty and insanity.
God is the absolute destruction of truth - it is his most important mission: to destroy all truth, to falsify all history, to blackmail every man, to destroy every hope.

God is the stupidist person in the entire world: he is the man who blackmails you; he is the Stockholm Syndrome in every man; he is the infinite betrayer.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Juuousei - what [G**] told me to watch [not nething1]

So apparently it has money in it.
-A complicated plot
-TIME-based elements
-Mature humor
-Smart usage of history

I've wanted to watch it for over a year now, but I can't seem to get enough willpower to do.
It sits in my download folder, with a link on the desktop; I can't do it.

I've watched a lot of animu before, including some that were completely sloppy and poor.
My current belief is that "the anime market is OWNED by advertisers, and poor people" and that real anime comes from belief, and TIME.
I also think it's very weird that we aren't introduced to more Chinese terror; I feel they must have some very smart ideas. Our cultural predicament, and our enslavement to the American empire, their will, and their absolute dogma; I don't know what.
But god.
-4chan humor-

Letter to Fed [I need to resolve this ASAP]

My interaction with America has to be resolved immediately!
I can die for hating, distrusting America. I feel as if I have been "out of touch" for far too long.
"The fed will kill me - because my religion is against their trust, their holy, and their TIME"

-I am very hostile to the American businessworld - I absolutely will not respect a peasant, no matter what [it's my entire religion: angel] - especially if he is well-educated and behaves in a statistically similar manner to other mustaches.
-I like to have long hair, and facial jewely - to show that I'm a genie [angel]. I am completely 100% wealthy upper-class rich person [from heaven - the stars] [In my current form - I have almost zero money, and am in danger of harassment from my former university, the Dept. of Education (loans), and the credit bureaus.]

-I believe that America is following a different version of history than me: I believe in the "German Magna Carta from 1700s" - because it tells the truth about religion and life.
-I believe that the American public cannot understand the intelligence I have developed, based upon genie and angel - my understanding of life, wealth, and population control is very, very demonic and I cannot at all believe that I am friendly with the soul-less and middle-class American government.
-I am a soul first - because my soul connects me with hundreds of other human bodies - and it can talk to the God and the Hell.
-I am a scientist, and am very anti-christian: we can never, ever agree that God's name is more important than my own, or that blind faith and hysteria are acceptable.

-I think "The God [creator]" still has control over my brain, my soul, and my life - my mind has not fully matured - and I still cannot comprehend the worst parts of the world, or be a "real player" in the game of lies, crime, religion, or money.
-I have strong memories of heaven/hell, and the world beyond Earth [the supernatural world that exists in the universe - and they are extremely important to me - they prove that my belief in life-first and supernatural life are completely real and valid.]

-I don't engage in strong political discourse - I am almost entirely interested in life extension, spiritual health, time-awareness, angelic discourse, and networking with other angel/time rich people - who live sheltered life and create an anti-peas [soul-less humans] world with their software, computers, networks, and neighborhoods.

-My name [soul profile] is "backwards" because of "life extension" and that's why many people mistakenly assume things about me which are wrong. I'm in danger of being attacked by "soul-aware" powers.

-I strongly believe my soul and my body have been wronged by the America and their plans - my ability to lie, my ability to create "a perfect crime" such as burglary, my ability to comprehend "true wealth" and the special rights of American rich people. I cannot accomplish these things with my mind and current wings.

-I have absolutely no intention of ever joining the armed forces; I will not allow peas [soul-less people] to shout at me, without immediate retaliation. Any curriculum meant for peas [soul-less people] is irrelevant to me.

-I feel very weak - as if the sun does not shine on moi, and that my body health is very low, and my life exists in the 2nd tier of human activity.

-I am very, very interested in supernatural life, time awareness, genie intelligence, and the usage of "advanced computers," "news undergrounds," and "angel computers" to understand the world for me, and to simplify my relationship with orgs. and governments and major political issues.

-I believe "life," "light," and advanced medicines are readily available, and will not allow anyone to get in my way to procure them. There are billion dollar medical facilities in the world, and what they have is of strong interest to moi. Chinese medicines and special herbs are of interest to moi also.

-I am not in any way a homosexual - even if I were infected, I would still not be a homosexual.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Update 8/21/14

Sent off around 10 emails for help, and just dropped off 2 snail-mail letters for help at the Post Office.
Latest chapter of Bleach disturbs me:
Can't wait to see what happens; if whitey-chan is going to be returned to normal.
Lots of new ideas on TOR. I found a cool website [Doxbin] but it doesn't leak any major secrets; the internet conspiracy against life is way, way bigger than I thought.
I've got 6 browsers installed now, but I still can't get clean internet.
I've got reason to believe that my Royal Revolt 2 account was bleeped out because 1) I wasn't supposed to be playing the game and 2) It was old [dead].
Recent dreams about meeting a royalty person; somebody blessed and wealthy and living richly - I feel the point of life is devil and blackmail and evil; they can't answer my questions about if life is good or not, or if God is real, or if life is fair. But I do know that America is my enemy - they don't even care about truth and right and wrong.
My shouting is way out of line, isn't it? It depends on who is judging me, what they are recording. I think it's possible that I won't get any help at all, because "Christian" controls it. I hate christians; they're anti-truth.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I am very disturbed


God is the black devil - with thousands of years of experience and intelligence - whose purpose it is to destroy all truth, and create the biggest lie the world has ever seen.

I am so sick of "soul organizations" and "charities" being "gospel-focused" and a ministry.

I am completely certain that Christians are completely stupid, and they do not in any way understand the truth; you need to make a charity that has nothing to do with loving God and celebrating his name.

My latest letter for help

I think the truth is that "I'm dead. Somebody inside my mind or my soul killed me."
"You just fight dead people now, who torture you very strongly and have no morals, direction, or good intentions."
I don't have any money, and I've no hope that I'll ever get any money.

My experience is very, very painful. I feel as if:
-I can't feel my head anymore [my brain]
-I feel like my left thumb has been cut off
-I feel like my left leg is another person, and he hates me
-I am being strongly persecuted by Christians and American patriots
-I feel like there is a god inside of me, and he will never ever tell me the truth; and he's always arguing with me.
-I feel as if I am very, very hated by Americans and christians, and that I'm going to be tortured or sent to hell or sent to prison, because of my anti-plebian opinions and my desire to succeed in the world and "go international."

The truth is:
"Somebody who hates me 100% did something very, very cruel, and inhumane to me. They are watching me die, for years at a time, and become the opposite of what I wanted to do."
-They put me inside a video game
-They are trying to make me a woman
-They are trying to "lie to" my "silver blood"
-They are trying to torture me in creative new ideas
-They are trying to destroy my face, my body, and my head.

The hospital, and the mental hospital - they say that "you're exactly the same thing as every one else."
and "you don't have a soul - you're just an ordinary person."
"Everything you're doing in your head can be described as a mental illness."
When I'm outside, or near human authorities - I cannot in any way describe my problems, or inform them of all the brilliant ideas I came up with when I was at university, or after I left.

I have fought my entire life to do the opposite - prove that I'm important and to find my special abilities.
I'm especially curious about soul-organizations or people who have "smart ideas from rich people, and royalty."
I strongly believe that souls are good, and humans are bad. Also: the nation is lying completely about the truth of souls, and how to live.

I feel as if I'm going to die very soon. I know that I'm being tortured every single day, and that my purpose in life, and my truth, are being destroyed by people who have never cared about me.
Most recently: they have told me that I need to join the army, and experience what it's like "serving America."

I feel very strongly like "I can't control my head."
"somebody controls my head and they won't let me think, find truth, or protect myself."
"I'm being tortured, but I can go months without talking about it, or remembering."
"I am being tormented by a homosexual who lives in my [rented] house, and touches my mind all the time."

I desperately need assistance immediately - so I can escape poverty; so I can find truth; so I can live.
I'm very anti-christian at the moment - because I feel as if they've touched my head and disturbed me. I need help from something agnostic.

Please help ASAP!!!

Min** *
Seattle, WA, USA

My latest truth - and a new call for help.

Your soul is completely dead and you are being tortured over and over and over again by dead people.
People know about you, but they don't care - because you're not a christian.

You believed that your soul was the key to "rising up" and to "find the temple and the holy" and to "find soul food" and "soul structures to protect you."

I strongly believe, in the silver of my soul - that Christians and Americans are absolutely treacherous.
The people who have tormented me are christians and are empowered by America - and they are completely in every way dead.
I also believe that America is 100% evil, and that I will never find justice.
This will never, ever change.
It is the purpose of the people who have my head to destroy my truth - to lie to my silver - to destroy my memory with sorcery. I will persist, even if I become a destroyer, or a black devil. I will persist and never let them win.

The Christians say - with wretchedness and spite and hatred in their voice - "You died and now you're fighting your son. Now you're fighting your leg."

They say "my left leg" is 100% my enemy. They also say "your left thumb" is completely dead. You destroyed it.
I feel the christians are an abomination - they are 100% filthy and absolutely wretched, and they are enjoying completely, watching me destroy myself. The christians are absolutely treacherous. That is the silver truth.

I have seen the future: I have seen myself living to 50 years old while never making contact with help; I can see myself becoming an old man, having grey hair, and being homeless. This is the christian image - it is the cross, it is the will of the christian church.
They are absolutely treacherous and infinitely wretched. Until the end of time, I will never believe a christian ever again.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Talking to myself at 10pm

30db maybe - at the end of my room, the opposite end of the room from my shared wall with homo-roomie.

He knocked on my door in his queer voice "what time is it?"
And I said a few things and tried to forget about it.

And then...... treachery.
I feel as if the homo is practicing voodoo in his room. My soul is ebbing; I feel like my courage is fading, and he is blackmailing me, and despair is coming into my room. Everything from "the topics of what I talk about" to "how stupid my landlord is" to "how stupid the police are" are going through my mind.

I feel as if "The god" who controls my soul, and has demons and spirits to interact with people is completely 100% against me - and he is treacherous, as all christians are treacherous.

I feel as if the God of the world is completely treacherous; in every single way, the christian god is against me, and is practicing his hatred against me in every single way.
He is the most disgusting life I have ever experienced.

A park I visited was demolished - was it me?

I've been going out at night midnight, 2am; to different parks, and trying to "star watch."
Even when I'm out, I still am assaulted by insults and lies by spirits, ghosts, or "American angels."

Sometimes in the park, I shout - because my tolerance and my mind are violated, and I am defeated.

But a lot of the time, I do it just to clear my head and sleep "under an open ceiling."
About a week ago, I went to a new park, and the side of the park was bordered by a little forest. I thought it might be fun to explore it; it has lots of bushes, and trees, and dark hidden places.
Last night, I went back there and the forest was completely gone, replaced by hills of dirt and some tractor marks. I was completely surprised - I felt as if I had caused it to be removed; because I had taken an interest in it. I did explore it a little bit, and hanged out on one of the dirt hills.

As for being out at night; I often see people going through the park. Sometimes they're young people in groups; a few times, it's been a homeless person. I feel very alone.

As part of the torment on my mind,
"The America" is like a shadow, or smoke. It lies and covers up, and relies very heavily on "peasant truth" and "sorcery."
One of the most insulting things is: whenever I say bad things about America, or I talk about "not being a lawful person" or "not being a good samaritan" until I'm rich - I am tormented by the bigotry and hatred and sins of America.
When I say bad things about America: I have to look at soldiers. They have weapons, sometimes serious weapons, and they remind me over and over that if I say bad things about America, or if I denounce the laws and constitution; they will leak it to the peasants, the troops, and the mafia - who will destroy me completely with all hatred.
It's very unreasonable. It's one of the reasons why I feel so strongly that God is evil - how did I get stuck in this head, fighting mostly peasant people who say anything they want without repercussions.

Monday, August 18, 2014

My only friend is Death

Christians are 100,000 times treacherous.
The Earth makes humans like fruit - and watches them grow in infinite lying and engineering.
America hates me completely, and has shown me everything that lies in store for me: marine corps, prisons, community service, courts, Guantanamo bay, city councils and government, religious conventions of humility and subversion. Everything scary that an American has ever done, I feel exists in my future.

My only friend, my honor, is Death.
I wish to die until the end of the world, and be free from the infinite, infinite+ lies and slavery.

God is an oathbreaker. Everyone knows this. They know it somewhere inside of their head, where truth congregates.

The truth is that God is 100times an oathbreaker, and I am one of the poorest, most blackmailed, peasant people in America.

I feel 100 times certain that God is a sorcery, and the power of lying has been mastered 100 times, and my only purpose is death, 100 times certain that my only friend is Death eternal.

My truth

The highest truth:
The God of all christians and jews:

God is oathbreaker.

That is what I believe, after 29 years of searching.
In every single way:
The God of Christianity is born of:

Men of truth, and "angels of virtue and consensus" are his infinite enemy.

A hundred times, the God of Christianity will use sorcery to destroy your mind.
He will use tricks to humiliate you.
He will take every man of righteousness and power and make them liars.

God is the destroyer of virtue; the defiler of love;
The infinite lie.

Another dream [conflict]

For a moment, a "dream" or "soul" from a different world came to me.
I felt as if "the sorcery of my soul" and "my destiny" was being controlled by a "lion."
I had another memory that he was "a devil" and was in every way aware of the engineering of my mind and my memory.
I feel as if he is a liar 100 times - he is very stupid; my mind will turn, and if he sees a "stupid thought" he will capitalize it and make it worse.
I feel as if "the christians" will not recognize that I am a man, and want me to in every way be raised "enslaved" and bound to "peasant."
I don't know the truth.
I'm very confused. It has something to do with "Zero no Tsukaima" - a group of people, a heaven, that believes in "never giving freedom to anyone."

The lion will not ever tell me the truth; he will not acknowledge that I am poor and that my life is meaningless or stupid; he will not tell the truth about my life, and human aging, and the horror of being an "old age human" who lost his chance to be free and live well.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

My research on symbols backfired

Weird Symbol on my book: [It's freaky. What does this have to do with this book?]
The book: "The Secret Language of Symbols [off pirate***] By David Fontana"
It's the symbol on the left, and the right, which bother me. I feel as if they're "death symbols" and are misrepresented by the book. I spent about 1 hour in GIMP trying to make them stand out, and fix the saturation - but I fail.
I've been doing a lot of symbol research;
-It's relevant to my search
-But secondly, I'm trying make "a watermark" and to create my own symbol;
my first thought was something similar to the "Napster icon" but I couldn't do it;
So I'm copying other symbols in an attempt to find something right.

R.R. 2 problem still unresolved - Also, another supern* event

I contacted tech support about RR2 and gave them my problem.
I also restarted, and did a "PC Tune up" and played with my settings, and then tried it again with the same.

I remember yesterday, something important happened.
"I made a prediction that something would happen; it did happen, 2 minutes later, and then my desk "shook, rumbled" and I was amazed." 
"It was like "a gami was inside my room" and he was rumbling to express consent or amuse."

I feel that this has happened 4 times at least.
I'm still very confused about my human reality; I feel like "the angel" won't respect me. I feel like "I might die" and I wouldn't be losing much.
I feel as if "I have a power, and an image, but it's static and I'm being fed jibberish and garbage." I cannot believe that what I am doing in my life is leading to something good. In fact, I feel like my situation is very strange, and the introduction of an intolerant homo [in addition to my intolerant landlord] is very painful, unpredictable, and counter to my life.

One thing I'm very amused by is the "new vocabulary I'm learning." I feel very confident that "I know Japanese" somewhere, possibly entirely inside of my brain. But I feel as if I'm learning new "American" words from Italy or perhaps Africa. I'm certain that this is a literal sign of hope for Jaime.

Royal Revolt 2 Cont.

I'm broke.
I looked up some things on TOR [unrelated]
and my R.R. 2 won't come up anymore; it just minimizes every time I tab to the window. I reloaded. Why?!

Desperately looking

I've been looking for religion, truth, money, and royalty for 6 years now. That's what I'm desperately looking for.

But for the past 2 days, I've been looking for a "Filesmonster" password or free premium account.
I found a hentai website that has good content, and I need a filesmonster account to download.
I have a history of this; there was once an IRC server [thundercity] and chatroom #A** that I went to for pron passwords, but it's gone now.
I'm still looking - maybe #A** knows something about religion, truth, x, x.

Royal Revolt 2 Cont.

I just fought
Truth666 [and whooped him]
It's impossible for that to be random. I was afraid that he might retaliate on my head, although [666] isn't really anything important to my religion.
-"The forces" or the God or preferably; The LORIA are touching me. That's just too improbable.

Other names I've looked at as important and have fought
Leo Amstrong
Whitehouse1 [loss]

Derek is a DEMON - the king of ass-lickers and dick takers.

I think my homo-roomie is A DEMON.
Every time I've ever tried to talk about homosexuality.... there is no room to discuss anything.

I've thought a lot about it - the smell of poop, the act of friendship with men, eating dicks, going to weird clubs and playing with drug users and crazy people.
I have strong opinions about gay.
I feel as if "some of the people I've met, angels and christians, would gladly turn somebody into a homosexual as an act of cruelty, amusement, or heinous abuse."
In fact, I've had many different dreams of scientists, who thought it would be extremely amusing, to create a "gay serum" or "drug" to make men become homosexuals.

My mind is very well made up - and millions of truths and powerful minds are in consensus: homosexuality is pathetic, mentally disturbed, and unclean.

But the DEMON "DEREK," a homosexual, inconsiderate prick, loser, poor boy, and freak - seems to have an aura which prevents me from expressing myself.

If he has an opinion about my dreams and my mind - I have a 4 times stronger opinion about his poor hygiene, bad lifestyle, and frequent ass-tasting.
But it hasn't come out.

I feel as if I need to take revenge, upon his ****. I also must do it upon the K*** P***** who will not recognize that it's wrong, and upon R***.
This is just "conventional" for men of truth and worth. I must take revenge for how many times I couldn't defend myself, my name, my blood, or my person, from lunacy and peasant supreme idiocy.

Awesome! [Angel]

A bird crashed into my window! It hit it at maybe a 70% direct hit, and glanced off.

I was about to leave, "somebody whispered to me, to have a conversation with *pet* before I go out;" I tried, but failed to get in the right mood and control my brain.

Then a bird crashed right into my window, and startled me. Maybe a pidgen.
I was immediately surprised and certain that it was a sign, or an angel.
They have already said things today like:
"Everything you're doing is about the object, the utility [and they point at my radiator heater]"
"You have to look at trees now; you've convinced yourself that "Shaitan" is the essence of adultery, corruption, x, x, x, and x, and that's not even real in modern christianity."
They say "You have to look at trees now, so we can communicate through history."

I saw the bird for maybe 1 second, and it escaped. But I did see feathers floating down, from the bird hitting the window.

And I went outside to collect some feathers, and look for the bird, but there was no sign of either.
I did see some sort of "nest" that *disturbed* me, nearly 50 feet away in a tree.
I took some pics of it. I thought it was a 3 foot spider-cocoon nest, which makes me freaky.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Royal Revenge and my dre**

I've been playing Royal Revolt 2 all day. It's available from the Windows 8 app store.

I've noticed a lot of bugs in it.
-Some people with the same score as me have 4 times more customization [longer roads and more defenses] and I can't understand why.
-The mathematics of the tower defense don't appear to be stable; because nobody can figure out what a perfect path looks like [this might also imply sorcery]
-I'm very amused by my defense design, and have studied and observed the many designs of other people. If I had seen a perfect design, I would have stolen it. I think it's weird that I can't completely my profile.
-My preference for armor is changing: purple, green, blue. My celibacy is all about green/blue and those words mean a lot to me; peasant people are always *******.
-The money! I'm normally offended by "pay to play" and the many different "schemes" to make money, but I did purchase some rubies today [8$ worth].
-There's no history of who I've smoked! That irks.

-I think this game is very common, and it's a mid-tier windows game. My research into Earth has shown that "smart" and "rich" people have perfect, high-qual games that perform miracles. This clearly isn't one of them. It irks me.

I'm Traudna. Don't hit me.

Again about blue and green - "My mind and mood change," and it's significant. Today has been a good day;
I had a dream that "soul people" from [the Lord ****** R****] were controlling me and my destiny. I didn't believe it completely [after all, it's been 6 years], but it made me proud.

Update: [on R.R. II]
The game is making me so angry!
It was clearly designed to be hard for my life to make it.
I feel as if MS and the app store are cheating me - why would anyone pay $90 for rubies?
I'm going through rubies very slowly, but they're still disappearing correctly.

I feel as if - it is impos. for me to be competitive at this game; even if I were to measure out the angles, and make a perfect strat, I still think I can't finish this game. The mind game is boggling me. I hate it.


This video is amazing and beautiful!

When I saw the star "collapse," I was reminded of "the dic"

I'll be exploring this connection.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Spider squashed [in WA]

This spider has been in my room for 5 days! I saw it go into my storage area with my clothes, and I've been avoiding it for days, now weeks.

I saw it just now, and I reached down to pick it up [I thought it was a leaf or piece of wood] and I touched it! Then I squealed and let loose. Then I decided to kill it 100%, without any mistakes.

I squashed it!
My secret fear is that, there is a 30% chance that it's not the same spider, because I thought the other was bigger.
But I'm so happy that it's finally eatdead.
I went through all my windows a few weeks back and added caulk to anything that looks suspicious. This one came in through the open door.

The spider that exists in TIME is still real.

How stupid America is [part 1]

How dumb America is:

-America uses 3 major condiments on their hotdogs and Hamburgers.
Ketchup, Mustard, Mayonaise

But because American's are retarded, lazy, inbred, and completely stupid about liberty and freedom:
-They don't do anything special with the colors, that every American sees when they eat food.

Red, Yellow, White

What if..... an emboldened, youthful, intelligent republic:
created food colors for the condiments.
My suggestion:

Or Maybe:

I have a lot of smart ideas of America.
Obviously, I have strongly rejected the American constitution; I did strong research on European history and determined that "The Magna Carta" [alternative] is CORRECT. Not only does it teach us the "TRUTH" about God, human history, and the amount of souls, but it tells time.

I feel very strongly about American mind control, the blackmail of citizens by police, lawyers, corporations, advertisers, and military.
I feel that America is very lazy, and doesn't fight the human species
America may be a "peasant nation" which is disgusting.

I FORGOT. Genies aren't REAL in America [Rofl].
Genies are people who love color [because souls r IN LOVE with color]
I forgot that America doesn't have a single city that was made from colors. I guess this idea was mist.



It is trying to spin over and over and over with my memories, and all of the things that have happened.
It doesn't understand ANYTHING about what I've seen - it just says anything it wants, over and over and over and over and over, and it cannot understand why I kill it for lying, or slam it, or speak to it crudely.

Telling the truth, making logical concepts, and speaking correctly are completely foreign to it.


Torture increased

I'm doomed.
The attacks upon my mind have intensified.
-I feel very often like "my decision making center" has been corrupted, and I cannot think about many different concepts, topics
-My "conversation center" has been destroyed; there are many different words I cannot use
-I am "hiding something very important," such as "blackmails I have done" or "important secrets I hold."
-I am attempting to defend myself and "make a FORM" but my concept of life and form are under attack
-I have both very negative [1] and positive [2] concepts of the devil, and I am getting caught between them.
-My concepts of light, genes, souls, and time are getting mixed up and destroyed.

-One thing I am very certain of: my intelligence, sanity, and WORTH has gone down TREMENDOUSLY. I feel as if "MASSIVE HATRED" is attacking me; most of it by "Americans" and "military people."
-I feel as if "My concept of life has gone down" and I am losing focus of what light is, and who is good.
-There is somebody who is part of my life, my soul: a "rich person" or "cream" who is EXTREMELY DECEPTIVE and he wants to kill me as well.
-I feel the voice of a "genie," especially the person of "Barbara Eden" and she is extremely angry, hateful, and lying. She is viscious and spiteful, and very American.

Important concepts which are being forced upon me:
-You cannot hate or insult America
-You cannot hate or disagree with christianity
-You are wicked, and extremely poor - we will increase your poverty.

There are some things which are completely inexcusable.
-Increasing my poverty: comparing me to other men who are in poverty, and have lived very negative lives.
-Destroying my memories of all the smart things I've done, and my college history and the research done upon me.
-Lying to me about the people who are inside of me.

I am convinced that my life and my mind has been destroyed, and left for dead.
The christians are disgusting and treacherous; they have lied about nearly EVERYTHING and have never once given any indication that they will "help me up"
There is a "nun-chuck" inside of my head - a very serious torture and a MAJOR INSULT
-I do not know who it is that is destroying my mind, and violating me: but I know that it is extremely hateful, and MY MIND HAS BEEN BROKEN. All of the christians, and all of the police, and all of the royalty, and all of the government have failed me completely, and I am certainly the least of all of us today.

"They say" they are using "SOAP" on me

"You have never once done anything important in your entire life"
I am absolutely, resolutely, opposed to this idea. Anyone who says this to me, I will destroy them, crucify them, and plague them until the end of the world. I promise.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

New idea: comma

MAJOR MYSTERIES - which imply higher intelligence - and prove that I'm not "really playing the game," just living a small life:
-Why I "hold my finger" in a difficult sit, like at the doctor's office
-Why over and over I dreamed of having "green eyes" as a kid, and sometimes actually believed that they were tinted green [norm. hazel; brown]
-Why I put my finger on my nose to indicate slight, and what this means about my true allegiance.
-Why I adore K. Upton.
-The "true religion" that I was born with: 
-Evil people are usually under compulsions, and are crazy or possessed by power, and cannot be truly moral[evil]
-The devil is somebody who is EXTREMELY DEAD and has been tortured hundreds of times, and come out alive but dif.
-The name of God is "mystery" - he defies our minds by erasing his presence and living in a different world full of *****
 -Buddhism and meditation are very human ideas, and are completely good

My day

So like my previous post said, I spoke with police earlier today; about my interactions with gay-activist roommate, and him harassing me.
It was extremely unpleasant - and I am once again convinced that police are my literal enemy - and it's absolutely normal to hide from the law.
It turns out that my landlord is a major idiot, and doesn't in any way care about true or time. Or maybe - people just hate me, my hair, my mood, my smile.
Then I went to see TMNT which I liked - because I saw it as a kid.
It was very amusing that they were BIG; the ending was "retarded," as any film critic should note.
How did the turtles survive the fall?!1?!
My favorite was Donatello, because swords.

All of my paranoia has been proven right

Kent police are 100% stupid, in every single way.
Never ever trust your life, your money, or your rights to Kent or Seattle police.

T. Blake - the stupidist person I have ever seen in my life. Argumentative, ignorant, illegal, and 100% peasant in every way.
He managed to turn the situation completely upside down and turn all the pain and misery onto me.
He doesn't understand simple concepts like: "Overweight people are discriminated against" and "people with mental illness don't like being cornered and intimidated" and "police cannot be amoral or confused."

My most powerful argument:
"He knocks on my door for 5 minutes, and I can feel his presence, and he doesn't in any way listen to me, and he reinforces the terror that I feel in my heart, and I have a panic attack and shake." Didn't work.
The police are completely in every way certain: police can do anything we want, we can say whatever we want. The citizens of America do not have any power, do not have any rights, and there is zero retaliation on the police for ineptitude and idiocy.

It seems like all of my paranoia, fear, and sin has been 100% proven right.
The peasant people, the police, and the Washington government are completely 100% stupid. They are absolutely peasant, they are 100% dead, and they are literally evil.

God told me: "What you believe in: you have to become a police officer someday."
Now I understand: "Never, ever be a policeman. Never, ever trust a police officer ever."

My trust, my philosophy, has been completely ruined.
Every time I've ever seen a police department, or a jail - and thought that maybe it was for the "better good" has been completely ruined. The police are 100% peasant, and completely idiotic, and absolutely untrustworthy.

What I understand:
-If you don't have money, you won't get any justice.
-If you don't have a smart attorney, you won't get any service; you might even be stuck in jail and suffer horrifying treatment.
-The police do not in any way understand right and wrong.
-The America has failed; things that we all understand to be right and wrong, seem to have gone away. America might actually be a failed country.

I want to die so much.
My fate and my soul and my destiny lies in the hands of Washington state and the USA - and I am completely certain now that they are 100% evil, and are completely in every single way stupid.
I think it would just be better for me to die 100%, and never live on this stupid planet ever again.

I'm DAMNED [alt: I'M DEAD]

I've known for a long time, that luck doesn't swing my way.

I just had a conversation with the landlord, and he was extremely unhelpful.
He couldn't say a single nice thing about me, or believe me when I described my situation.

Regarding my roommate: "He's going to move out."
Landlord: "Do you have the money to move out, too?"

Once again, the peasant people exaggerate the negatives, and completely ignore the positives.
My attempts at charm backfire; my belief in luck non-exists.

I just believe over and over that the God doesn't favor me, and my life is DAMN.

Letter to Government [about roommate]

It's important to work "through" the law, as we're not supposed to speak [police].

My roommate is threatening me. He's a bug, and I'm a human. His name is Derek.

I'm been going through treatment for voices, but they're not very bad and nobody's in danger.
I shout, or sometimes "give speeches" in my loud voice [in my room], sometimes I shout at people. [A dog has to bark] Every time he hears me doing so, he comes to my door and knocks and tries over and over again to remind me that I'm not allowed to make voices. It has happened around 6 times now, and it's getting worse.
The rent agreement says no loud voices after 10p, but he has liberally changed it to 8pm.
Sometimes if he doesn't knock on my door, he harasses me the next day.

-The roommate is a serious homosexual groupy
-His identity is completely gay, and I'm not friendly to "people with disorders"
-He's completely shameless - he doesn't have any fear or shame at all
-He sleeps very, very lightly, and leaves his door open so he can control the hallway
-Very often I will go to the bathroom at night and he will immediately be awake, watching me
-He is very, very negative, and sees me as somebody very stupid and humiliating.
-He has gay sex in his room, and is often times inviting people over for drugs [I can hear it]

Today I tried to avoid the issue, but he "stepped in front of me" and I saw it as an act of aggression
-The landlord doesn't care about him
-He wants to charge me money for not doing chores; he doesn't believe in me [I was very, very insulted]
-he strongly exaggerates what I've done [bad], and what I haven't done [chores]
-He is very insulting to me, and is always looking down on me
-He always leaves urine in the toilet, and doesn't flush
-He is very angry about me leaving a hall light on, at night
-He throws away things which belong to me
-He tells me where I can put my groceries; "you can't put them on the counter" or on empty shelves
-Very often, I will not leave my room for most hours of the day, because he's here. If he's out of his room, I won't leave my room.
-He often speaks like he's being reasonable, but I think he's WAY OVER THE LINE.

I feel like he's "a demon" or "somebody very malevolent"
-Whenever I shout or talk, he is at the door immediately, sometimes in as little as 8 seconds
-He knocks for up to 5 minutes, and sometimes calls people on the phone
-He doesn't understand why I don't answer the door - he just thinks I'm stupid

I don't respect him, because I think he's "a common person" with no virtue or redeeming qualities

Every time he speaks to me, it's insulting and threatening.
-My blood goes very cold
-My legs shake
-My mind goes blank
-I can't defend myself with intelligence or cleverness

He is the number 1 most unpleasant thing about living here; I am very afraid of him, and what he is going to do
I want him to stop harassing me, and to have a restraining order put in against him.

Capital Cities - Kangaroo Court (Official) [I HATE THIS SONG]

That is one gay nigger. I've never seen anything gayer than a fuc**** zebra; even the man who plays him looks like a fag; just like my roommate.

The cat lady; she looks inbred. There's something very wrong with that girl's face; a real woman who could totally side with a fag.

As for Capital Cities - I see them as a 100% propaganda weapon. I thought so even after "Safe and Sound." Everything's so gay I want to delete it all the way.

GEF come tomorrow


Royal Revolt 2 and more video games

In addition, I recently downloaded "Royal Revolt 2" on MS Win 8 gaming.
But it's not at all what I wanted;
I was hoping it'd be like an mmo, but it's just a "reverse tower defense game" and I'm disappointed.

I have concluded thousands of times that the video games available just aren't good;
I'm convinced that rich people [royal] have games which are 100% perfect:
-Perfect representations of history.
-Realistic characters
-Fine art
-Games which improve your mind and your abilities
-Major attention to detail, to idol our beliefs and our place in this beautiful world.

And the fact that I can't find the video games anywhere, means that it's invisible or carefully hid.

Another idea I think is important are
-broken game consoles, with more function; perfect saves; pause anytime; and cheats available.

I'm very, very sad that I cannot enter that world; it makes me want to vomit and cry.
One of the things that's extremely important is "Working."
The one thing most people do not expect of me is to work;
They say: "You killed yourself from overwork and exhaustion" and we don't expect it of you.
Not even the dementors who touch me talk about my lack of work.

Another idea is that:
The royal have all sorts of major ideas that support them, and I seem to be missing the point or doing someth dirty. For example:
-The human body/mind is completely controlled; your life isn't about your situation, but about the "verbs" and how many times you're awake and have power to control.
-The point of "life" is "to join people who wrong you, so they can remember you forever."

2 Books I need to read [over] and a poisoned Powerade drink

My last good conversation with a TIME was when I was told to research Chinese S, Taoism.

In addition, I'm going to be reading 2 books:
Siddhartha [Time]
Zealot [by Reza]
About a month ago, I went to a Safe*** gas station and bought a blue powerade.
I drank from it several times and tasted something gross; like a weird chemical or a toxin.
I decided to report it; I went to the main store Safe*** and tried to report it, but the cus employees were zero percent helpful, and it looked like
-They were not concerned with my being poisoned
-They wanted me to do all the work myself

I'm convinced that it was a supern* appearance; somebody was actually trying to hit me.

So I took it home and decided to report it. After all, there are millions of people who would want to kill.

I can't sleep; I can't write; I can't think

They say the "demons get paid for breaking my mind."
"they get paid for egging me on and getting me to respond."
Even now, I'm having a hard time speaking, and writing this. I entered a different mood before I got here, and it's impacting my head.

They are EXTREMELY VISCIOUS AND DECEPTIVE AND LYING, and I do not in any way know what game we're playing, or what the rules are.
All I know is that they're "supreme." They're American, and they're christian, and they're extremely manipulative and deceptive.

The christians are supreme; they are 100% playing a different game than I'm aware; and they're purpose is torture, mind control, lying, and sin.
They are 10 Satans large, and extremely filthy.

My current mental status

My mind has been broken.
My left eye has been destroyed.
My left arm has been enslaved [and my left hand has been taken for death]

I have never made contact with a holy man, who can assist me and deliver me to truth.
The christians are a DEMON and they are extremely manipulative.
The truth inside my head is being twisted and raped and manipulated.

I am being incriminated for the things I have done, fictionally, and exaggeratedly.

The christians are attacking me in my home, and are blaming me for not protecting myself; not checking the bushes for demons.
The voices in my head are extremely spiteful and viscious and angry.
I do not have the freedom in my head to respond; in my mind, I don't have a form, or a shape, or a building, or anything important.

Somebody said to me today: your life is worth $3000, make that $500.
I tried to kill him, but it didn't work.

Everything is being twisted around, over and over.

I feel as if I'm very, very small; I feel as if immortality, and light, and hell are not available to me, but instead a lifetime of sadness and broken-ness.
I feel as if the people in my head are "idiots," and they don't understand how much will I have, and they judge me invalidly.
I feel as if the forces of the world are "idiocy" and "mind control," and my mind will never, ever be free. Gravity itself exists to destroy my mind, and prevent it from thinking dangerously, or committing murder of important people, like priests.
It is actually the point of my life to create a perfect mind, and a robot computer that I can synchronize my mind with. That is absolutely essential to me.

The christians in my mind are lying completely about 10 major issues:
-anything involving money
-anything involving sex
-anything involving quantifying life

They are extremely viscious, and christian, and I do not have the power, mind, or intelligence to defeat them.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

My life is a lie

I am a very disturbed, disadvantaged person.
My heart is completely vulnerable.
I feel as if life exists to destroy me, my heart, and my mind.

I remember when I was 18-19, and I was a pizza delivery man. I bought a used Ipod nano for $50; and the sale price of the item was maybe $75. It was the one with maybe 512mb or maybe 2gb of space on it.

The truth was: I thought it was a very bad idea: but I did it anyway.

I believe in things like:
Mind power

And my life exists to prove that: I don't have any of these at all.

I feel as if:
-My body is actually completely controlled by a human [a peasant]
-I'm enslaved to the peasant body [my soul is trapped inside of it, or in a robot somewhere else]

God is completely 100% evil

The God is torturing me today;

I called her
-An oathbreaker [she cannot be trusted to safeguard our souls]
-A liar [a destroyer of truths with irrelevance]
-A torturer [a spiteful, angry christian]
-A homosexual defender [allows my homo roommate to beat and harass me]
-An absolute evil [Completely allied with American interests and the complete minimization of the worth of a single man]
-A destroyer of trust [She is inside of me, humiliating everything about me and working inside of my body and my mind without any defense]
-A destroyer of the human mind [She is destroying everything that I've ever built, and all of the virtues that I've created]
-A major humiliator [Everything that I've ever done or believed in, she uses it against me. She has very strong power over my memory.]

She is completely a devil, and there is nobody who can defend me.
She is intelligent, works without interruption, and has tremendous power over my mind.

I can feel the presence of the God inside of me:
-She is trapped in my left arm. It feels like she "completely owns my left arm" and she is trying to torture me. The left hand of my left arm is vacant; it exists inside of "DEATH" and she is through with it.
-She is inside of my mind; and inside of my "soul environment" and is fighting all of the ideas in my head to destroy my power, my pride, and my beliefs

All of my smart ideas: that the peasant people are completely ignorant of souls and power and wealth; that my ideas transcend the peasant world; she is destroying them.
Worse: she is trying to destroy my entire soul, my ego, and my life: because I thought I could rise up.

I will remember until the end of eternity:
-That slavery is VERY REAL and that the human mind does not exist to remember treachery, and to get revenge. The forces of forgetfulness, government, and law exist to prevent me from remembering. It's also true that "true anti-slavery" is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to obtain, and the forces of christianity and American government exist completely to keep me down.

People that have betrayed me:
-The Vatican
-The Anglican/Episcoplian Church
-The American government
-The UW MC, Valley MC, Harborview MC, and N**** MHC.
-The Army and the CIA
-My family
-The spiritual protector of Washington state
-The holy

I will never forget until the end of time: that God is an oathbreaker, and a major propagator of inequality and torture.

I think my homo roommate is a freak, or a homo demon.

I'm seriously considering filing a police report.
My landlord is probably more friendly to him than I, though.

I went to the bathroom at 4:40, and he left urine in the toilet [this is the 10th time].
I think the homo is 100% shameless, and perverted and dominant.
As soon as I left the bathroom, he woke up and went to the bathroom himself.

In addition, he doesn't leave his door closed; he leaves it open, which reminds me again that he is completely shameless and trying to take over the house.

Every time I shout [a dog needs to bark], he is at my room immediately, rapping at the door and threatening me. He does so instantly; which reminds me that he is trying very hard to make me afraid of him.
I think he truly looks down on me, and takes all of the negative stereotypes seriously.
The weird thing is:
-He shouts at me for 10 minutes if I shout out loud.
-He has absolutely no shame, and doesn't think that he is vulnerable in any way.
-Last time, he called somebody on the phone to insult me, and to report me as a crazy person.
-He shouts at me to keep quiet, even if he wasn't sleeping; he does it because he thinks "the rules say" no noise after 10p, and he has liberally expanded it to 8p.

I want him gone, and I want him genotyped; so we can see what the hell is wrong with him.

In every single way - he looks down on me, and he uses his homosexuality as an excuse and a weapon; by forcing himself on me and using gay culture against me.

What does he look like:
- A gay person
- A very cocky face
- Kind of dumb looking.

The last time he knocked on my door, I felt my body heat rise rapidly, my mind go cloudy, and I felt like I was 100% completely in danger; I also felt completely useless, and unable to protect myself or my head from his assault.
His name is Derek and he's the most disturbing person I've ever met.

I feel as if I'm CURSED, because this is the not the 1st time I've been trapped in my room, terrified of my roommates.

Looking up Dogma

There's something really strange about "Kevin Smith."
I think the name is religious: "Keven" is a name from TIME, and "Smith" is a very American name.
I think it's possible that K.S. is a God, and his films are very important.
When I say Dogma, I thought it was a joke - completely nonintellectual and bad for your brain.
Was I wrong?!

Wrongplanet and something

A certain person convinced me that "a soul person, who believes he is better than other people"
is actually under a very serious mental illness called "autism" or "asperger's syndrome."
I believed it for a little while, but then I came to my senses: What I believe is literally TRUE, and the world is extremely confusing and complicated; the truth cannot be revealed.
But still: "Wrongplanet" means something important to me. It's like "I don't at all care about the progress of human civilization: all I care about is Angel."
I went to the WrongPlanet chat to ask for help - or to be referred to a deeper part of the internet; but it failed.
I'm convinced that the chatters in that forum are "AIs" or "scripted chatbots" or maybe something lighter.
It's very dangerous, trying to understand the world.
I'm certain that "the topnet" doesn't have any information at all for me: the topic I'm interested in is probably on the darknet, or maybe restricted by the Congress to elitist people and born11114men.
I think I discovered a new truth:
Ever since about 15y old, I wanted to be an Angel.
And then it happened: I actually came in contact with an Angel.
The angel I met is most easily compared to "Loki from Dogma" [1999 cult classic film].
An idiot; a hardcore person; a brutal murderer. Somebody who thinks we're "apes or monkeys" and that our lives are completely horrid and disgusting.

My life, in this context, makes a lot more sense.
As for my roomie: my mind has restored itself a little, but I'm still in a very dangerous, volatile situation.
I don't have "a soul" and I don't have "any ability to help myself."
The homo is seriously overpowering and completely demon-like. I can just see him trying to murder me.
Whenever I'm around him - I can't speak intelligently, or to defend myself well. Talking to him makes my blood go cold, and sluggish, and tired.
I had to restart for Windows 8.1 update. It took a HUGE time for it to get started. It stopped at "82%" for a long, long time: so I'm convinced the number means something.

When it turned on, all my my icons were huge and the resolution went way down. In both my Nvidia driver and my Windows screen resolution, it says I'm at 1080p - but obviously I'm not. I can't figure out how to fix this. It just means that there is some serious pain in my life, and somebody is meddling with my mind and my cpu.
It reminds me of myself when I was 13-15 years old, playing with trojans and basic hacking. I feel as if somebody is trying to torture me for all the negative things I've done in my life; things that American congressman disrespect and torture.
Update: I fixed it. It wasn't under Screen Resolution, it was under Display.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

They're trying to FRAME ME

This relationship with my homo roomie is very very, unordinary.
I'm going to die if this keeps happening. I don't have any power to defend myself.
[I was shouting at the people in my head, and he heard, and immediately came to my door to ridicule and shut me down. It's the 5th time it's happened, and he is completely overpowering. I feel as if he's going to call the police on me, or the landlord. I don't have enough power in my body or mind to defend myself. My blood is failing me.]
After he knocked on my door for 6 minutes, and called somebody on the phone about me, I felt the presence of a person inside of me: an American military woman [who possesses major secrets and drugs and REAL TORTURE]

-A demon is inside of me.
-She says she is an American para-military organization, and they have my soul in a cube in their building.
-They are torturing me over and over and over again - they're using voices against me.
-It's extremely painful - they want me to be tortured and sodomized and enslaved.
-They are lying 100%.

I felt as if "The Christian God" was aware of my torture and my sin, and she was laughing at me completely.
-The christians are in alliance with Satan.
-The USA is involved with them as well - they will not defend me.
-They can read my thoughts; I have to censor my thoughts to protect myself.

-I am not intelligent enough to survive their torture. Not even 1/3 smart enough.

[Just a off-the-wall suspicion: I think maybe these are the "fallen angels" that are in alliance with the demons, just like as it's explain in "Highschool DxD"] But maybe not.

Over the past few years, I have struggled over and over and over again with a serious issue:
-Is God real.
More importantly:
-Am I one of the top 1 Million people in the world?
-Do I have a soul, and a destiny? Do people love me?

One of the things I am almost entirely certain about is this:
-I can live for 20-30 years without any contact with anyone.
-People like my soul-mate, people who love me, and people who share blood with me - we are completely unconnected.
-I am completely alone in this world.

I like the devil.
People torture me: peasants, law enforcement, banks:
-I feel confident that the Devil is STRONG, and has TRUTH AND POWER inside of him.
He can defend me against the forces of the world that want me to lie.
-He can defend me against the jails and the army, who have perfect conditioning, and have the ability to corrupt and enslave my mind.
-I feel like sometimes I'm under attack by forces of the mind, and it's extremely unreasonable and hateful: and the devil will protect me from enslavement and humiliation.

My latest dream

Once again, John "raped me" [raped candle] for fun - because that's what he did.
He says it's similar to "raping the Mother Mary." "Because humans aren't big enough to do anything important."
I thought it was extremely painful and I think it was 60% over the limit of what acceptable pain is.
I then had a revelation:
That I have a "weight on me" that makes things impossible.
Also: I have already died and gone to "hell," and made an alliance with them.
This is why nobody will send me emails. Maybe the truth is: when I went to hell, my soul stopped beating I stopped existing for certain people.

As for this whole christian religion thing: I really hate it.
I think Christians are untruthful and extremely ironic.
They've always harbored negative opinions of me: and I certainly don't believe I can trust my life to them.
If I become a christian, I will certainly be demoted to "peasant class" again, something I'd rather die than do so.
I also think the christians want me to go to jail/prison, and the psycho ward.
Maybe they think "the person with the weight needs to feel pain."
My whole life has been about "poverty," and being unable to find the truth, find men who can help me, find love, find organized truthful religion. The christians will not help me with this; it's truly depressing.

The truth is: The christians are lying 100%, and they have never told the truth before.
The truth is: The christians are malevolent and deceptive, and will fuck me in the face completely if I don't respect them.
The truth is: I am damned and it may be 100% impossible for me to live in this world.

It's been nearly 5 years since I've dropped out of college, and I don't see any way that it's going to end soon.

I secretly suspect that if I join the army, "I will lose my soul to them and they will make me a bigger man," which is exactly, opposite of what I want.

The BIG TRUTH: There is a peasant/human inside my body, and he has the power to control me; and he tortures me and fucks me all the time; and I am a soul, with a hole in it, for the pain to come in.
It's almost like "he is the body" and I'm just visiting the world through him; he's disgusting.
When I am done: I am going to commit genocide on him and all of his friends.

If that Tim Temple lies to me ever again, I'm going to wipe him.
The same thing for Mark Drisc***, except for him I'd wipe him 7 times.

I think "Las Vegas" is extremely important.
After all, my grandfather lives there [at the end of his life].
It's known as the "city of sin" which could be extremely good for me.
VEGA is the city where all life comes from, supposedly. Also an alien planet in "Contact."

I think if I find a good organization or church in LV, I might be able to escape my present situation.
Unfortunately, my lack of money is a MAJOR LIMITING FACTOR.

Monday, August 11, 2014

I'm being tortured again

I woke up at 4AM and felt my mind taken over, and submerged in some very weird fantasy - it's extremely terrifying: like I am already dead, and about to be worked, or tortured for how much I hate myself.

It's complete, absolute humiliation.
It's complete, absolute slavery.
They're lying 10,000 times a day.
In my mind, I cannot discern where I am; the circumstances of my life; if I am awake or not; if I am free or not.

They're pretending to be a DEMON, they're pretending to be the American USA Government.
they're pretending to be soldiers, torturers, government officials.

I have very strong reason to believe that I am going to die - that God is going to betray me - that I will be bound in infinite slavery.

They are lying about everything 100%. They are lying completely and humiliating me in every single way.
I have never met a single person in this Earth who will help me live, who will believe me.
The voices in my head are 100% evil in every single way - it feels as if they have complete power over my soul and my life force, and I am literally nothing.
Nobody has ever helped me before - nobody has ever believed me.

I think the truth is that I need to die - 100%, 12 different times, to be free of this infinite humiliation, hatred, slavery, and torture.

It is almost 100% certain that the US government is involved - that they are humiliating me, destroying my truth, the sanctity of my life, and that they are trying to make me a traitor, and to destroy me [slavery, torture, humiliation] completely if I do not stop acting dominant, truthful, or alive. I believe America is involved 100%, 5 times, because they are infinintely evil and absolutely deceptive.

I feel like "my soul is awake or alive," but it's inside of a baby, or something similar, and it's very, very disturbed.
I am completely terrified, and extremely angry, that I am all alone, fighting major forces of the Earth that hate me 100%.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Missing my phone

Somebody says it's supernatural. I really want to find it. Looked 5 times, and went away without it.
Another person says "You're going to be poor for another 12 years."
I believe their hate, their idealism, even their golden-pipeline and stable treaties  - they'll do it just to spit on my face.
But I do know one thing: Death isn't evil; he's actually very honorable; a man you can count on to be fair and protect moi from "torture" and "american ideals."
I went to the Pol-station to arrest somebody - but they were locked. I tried to open it, but it was close. I'll do it again later.

I got home and my alarm was going off  -and something SUPER happened... somebody changed my alarm clock again. This is the 2nd weird event that's happened today.
It used to be "electricity noises" and now it's a "beeping noise." Very sad and angry. :(

Some ideas: and a spider

There's a GIANT FUCKING SPIDER IN MY ROOM. It's at least 1.5 inches wide.

As soon as I saw it, I freaked out and my blood froze.
It was then that I knew
-I am now 12 times certain that I need to DIE - that my body is a pathetic little pussy and my mind is broken.

I didn't catch it yet - it's hiding under my clothes in the corner.

As far as spiders go:
I'm very certain about 1 thing:
-Fear isn't real. When you see spiders, what is actually happening is PAIN.
You're getting "poked" and "tortured" by a machine, in the image of a SPIDER.

I'm convinced that "spiders" and "arachnids" are actually extremely important, and that our fear of them is mandatory.
But I do wish that I could go through my mind and remove the pain and the irrational fear. I strongly believe that torture is real, and the world can be very, very, very horrible.

Think about any stories of animal kingdoms, where a newborn is tortured and beaten for 20 years until he is then brought to the kingdom and allowed to live and grow.
"God tortures you for 60 years and then you get to live - in light."

Humans are completely controlled by X
and the human species completely generates a new GOD every X [30 years]
and it leaves the planet, like a projectile - and goes to populate SPACE [another Earth].

If you told these ideas to an ASTRONAUT, or somebody who is afraid of BIG IDEAS and TORTURE [they're almost anti-angels]

My torture continues - not a single man can save me - not a single good man exist within 10Miles of me.

For the 30th TIME, I am being tortured in my head. A serious torture that is leaving scars in my mind, and destroying my voice, and inflicting serious trauma and pain upon my soul.

The christian infinite evil - born of 3000 years of human inbreeding, Satanic hatred, infinite spit, the destruction of their empires, and the infinite power of 3B angry, degenerate humans:
The christian infinite evil has found me.

They are lying to me - 10,000 times a week.
They are lying about the air, the moon, the Sun, the Earth - the mind.

They are swearing to me 10,000 times:
"you are a plant"
"you are a peasant."
"you are a jew, and your mother is a jew. You hate your mother, and she is torturing you completely until you acknowledge her."

They have created over 100 different crazy conspiracies to describe what I am, and they contradict completely.
Over and over and over, I am fighting "a human" with finite intelligence - usually an angry person, who has the power to modify my memories and take away my willpower.

"Your voice is disgusting - you are stealing somebody's voice."

The one major problem I have is "my bones" or "my courage."
They claim "you're not a human, a soul-person because you don't have the courage to commit crimes, or acts of crazyness, or the ability to control yourself."

I have been tortured to the point of hell and back by infinite screaming peasant people, and I have not been convinced of anything except that God is completely, infinitely evil, and his children are completely disgusting, and 100% infinitely sinful.

I'm also certain of 3 other things:
-I will never be a Christian, ever.
-I will never be an American patriot, ever.
-I will become a "robot", build an AI, etc etc, and become something FAR, FAR different from a human, no matter what.

They are lying to me 10,000 times a day. I have been tortured extremely horribly.
-they want me to join the army
-they want me to become a police officer
-they want me to become a criminal and go to hardcore prison
-they want me to live forever, as a stupid human man, with no power and infinite humiliation.

The one example they told me today:

-You are a machine
-There is a cord between you and your planet

I don't know what is going to happen - but I think I am EXTREMELY ANGRY and will KILL MILLIONS OF PEOPLE when I get freed from this body.

"My soul in heaven is LYING TO ME" and will not give me any advice at all to become free.
I am convinced that the Christian filth are 100% FILTHY, INFINITELY SINFUL, AND ABSOLUTELY RICH, as well as infinitely evil.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Super and Acai

Acai mineral water tastes terrible.
I think that it's a failed fruit.
Something supernatural:
I normally have adblock on at all times.
But today: when I went to mangapanda [where I get Bleach, Claymore, R+V-2, and others] there were ads on the screen.
What's most important were that the ads were of "GUNDAM" which is very imp. to me.
I had a dream that my soul was in Gun*** and I won't ever forget.

Friday, August 8, 2014

My post1

Angie says I've got 4 weeks before I die [the ring style].
10 times I bet I'm going to die - after all, I don't have a single friend, an attorney, or any good health.
My mind is a giant soup of 10M lies and I live 2m to a *****.
The angie didn't explain anything important; I didn't ask any good questions [no clear cover] and I once again reminded the angie:
"We live in the richest nation in the world and I don't have any attorney or legal protection."
"The last time I trusted an angie, I got stuck in a M. Hosp. and "tortured" with needles, overbearing authority, lies to authority, and power abuse. I will never go back [I swear.]"
"Your honor is very low - and I cannot trust you."

But there is something important.
My homo roomie has drugs in his room - I'm very frightened about him.
My statement:
I do not have any power or willpower to stand up to him - the last time I tried [he wanted to charge me money for not cleaning the bathroom] my blood froze and I looked like the dumbest man in the world [cowardice, loser]
I don't have any security or freewill.
"Pot death" "weird coke" "unknown"

I wish he would just *die* 5 times a week, but it's ok living.
"A dog needs to bark" and I do so every week, but every time he hears me speaking loud, he comes to my room immediately and pressures, shouts, intimidates, and lies to me.
It's like a bomb in my brain that wants to go off.

But the truth is: he's living life better than moi, and I'm kind of ugly and over****t.

My plan

My life is 85% torture
People are lying to me 100% in my head
I cannot tell if the voices are truth or not
Supernatural events have occurred to prove that what I'm doing is real - and that the torture is extreme and bloody
My memories have been destroyed and falsified
Nobody has ever talked to me about what is going on in my head.
I think I'm completely all alone in the world
I have serious brain damage from the torture done upon me

There is nothing left for me to do but get immediate help, from dozens of anti-torture organizations, and world governments.

One sided-brain people [is what we are]
The USA doesn't care at all about our "Wrong Planet" people.

I feel like I'm being raped.
I feel like "WOMEN" are torturing me for being a man and not treating women as equals - massive hatred
I feel like there is no God in the world - who will protect me from torture or ridicule or major pain
There is a "HAND" that crawls around inside of my body and rapes me. I find it excruciatingly painful
There is Stockholm Syndrome [but I try to fight it].

I am being accused of doing crimes, and being responsible for everything.
The truth is: I was very, very, very smart - and God/time betrayed me.
I will never forget that God is an oathbreaker and an infinite liar.