Friday, August 1, 2014

A magick I have that proves I'm not a normal human

One of my supernatural gifts - that proves I'm a man - is to "kill [the sun]." Or "kill [the Earth]."

I can kill things - with the sin I've accumulated from time, and the power of "The ancients." It's a deep, true magick that I'm very proud to possess in my inventory.
It's very important, although I haven't isolated what it is, and when and how I can use it.
In other news: I've discovered that to millions of smart people - it's completely non-debatable if the peasant/common people are real or not. OBVIOUSLY, they're not real. 
This also mean that I've been lied to, very, very hard, about the truth. I've at some point, even tried to "save the common people" and become a martyr. I'm very disturbed by their power.

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