Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A park I visited was demolished - was it me?

I've been going out at night midnight, 2am; to different parks, and trying to "star watch."
Even when I'm out, I still am assaulted by insults and lies by spirits, ghosts, or "American angels."

Sometimes in the park, I shout - because my tolerance and my mind are violated, and I am defeated.

But a lot of the time, I do it just to clear my head and sleep "under an open ceiling."
About a week ago, I went to a new park, and the side of the park was bordered by a little forest. I thought it might be fun to explore it; it has lots of bushes, and trees, and dark hidden places.
Last night, I went back there and the forest was completely gone, replaced by hills of dirt and some tractor marks. I was completely surprised - I felt as if I had caused it to be removed; because I had taken an interest in it. I did explore it a little bit, and hanged out on one of the dirt hills.

As for being out at night; I often see people going through the park. Sometimes they're young people in groups; a few times, it's been a homeless person. I feel very alone.

As part of the torment on my mind,
"The America" is like a shadow, or smoke. It lies and covers up, and relies very heavily on "peasant truth" and "sorcery."
One of the most insulting things is: whenever I say bad things about America, or I talk about "not being a lawful person" or "not being a good samaritan" until I'm rich - I am tormented by the bigotry and hatred and sins of America.
When I say bad things about America: I have to look at soldiers. They have weapons, sometimes serious weapons, and they remind me over and over that if I say bad things about America, or if I denounce the laws and constitution; they will leak it to the peasants, the troops, and the mafia - who will destroy me completely with all hatred.
It's very unreasonable. It's one of the reasons why I feel so strongly that God is evil - how did I get stuck in this head, fighting mostly peasant people who say anything they want without repercussions.

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