Thursday, August 14, 2014

All of my paranoia has been proven right

Kent police are 100% stupid, in every single way.
Never ever trust your life, your money, or your rights to Kent or Seattle police.

T. Blake - the stupidist person I have ever seen in my life. Argumentative, ignorant, illegal, and 100% peasant in every way.
He managed to turn the situation completely upside down and turn all the pain and misery onto me.
He doesn't understand simple concepts like: "Overweight people are discriminated against" and "people with mental illness don't like being cornered and intimidated" and "police cannot be amoral or confused."

My most powerful argument:
"He knocks on my door for 5 minutes, and I can feel his presence, and he doesn't in any way listen to me, and he reinforces the terror that I feel in my heart, and I have a panic attack and shake." Didn't work.
The police are completely in every way certain: police can do anything we want, we can say whatever we want. The citizens of America do not have any power, do not have any rights, and there is zero retaliation on the police for ineptitude and idiocy.

It seems like all of my paranoia, fear, and sin has been 100% proven right.
The peasant people, the police, and the Washington government are completely 100% stupid. They are absolutely peasant, they are 100% dead, and they are literally evil.

God told me: "What you believe in: you have to become a police officer someday."
Now I understand: "Never, ever be a policeman. Never, ever trust a police officer ever."

My trust, my philosophy, has been completely ruined.
Every time I've ever seen a police department, or a jail - and thought that maybe it was for the "better good" has been completely ruined. The police are 100% peasant, and completely idiotic, and absolutely untrustworthy.

What I understand:
-If you don't have money, you won't get any justice.
-If you don't have a smart attorney, you won't get any service; you might even be stuck in jail and suffer horrifying treatment.
-The police do not in any way understand right and wrong.
-The America has failed; things that we all understand to be right and wrong, seem to have gone away. America might actually be a failed country.

I want to die so much.
My fate and my soul and my destiny lies in the hands of Washington state and the USA - and I am completely certain now that they are 100% evil, and are completely in every single way stupid.
I think it would just be better for me to die 100%, and never live on this stupid planet ever again.

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