Wednesday, August 6, 2014

An idea [why I hate smart]


The aliens came to Earth, and took all of our precious metals. [Because they were sentient and truly smart]

All smart people on the Earth - try to possess these smart metals; elements way more valuable than the things CPUs are built off of.

There are millions of smart people in the world - who talk smart, and won't be let down - but the truth is they don't venture to places where they're not welcome - like the stock market, or organizations for rich people. And they also do not possess any secret or super-rare metals.

Wealth has always been extremely difficult for people to obtain, and there are billions of "smart people" who never made any money - because they were just pretending.

As for me:
I'm convinced that I'm 70% smart - but that I am enslaved by America: by code words: by blackmail; by threats of literal torture; by lying.

I had a lot of issues when I was growing - being born poor: but I tried to make solutions to these; I mostly succeeded. I wanted to be a royalty person, even if I was only impersonating.
Or maybe an oil tycoon [like Shell, not Exxon].

As for evil: I am convinced that 100% evil is actually a valid course: a man will do anything to be free from the lies of the world and to become a permanent force in the world.

As for me: my name is Thanatos. Thanatos squared. Thanatos, minus the torture and pain.
My soul is enslaved by liars, and power holders, and royalty, and demons, and ignorant men, and an army of infinite peasant flies. And death forever is my salvation. Thanatos Squared.

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