Monday, August 18, 2014

Another dream [conflict]

For a moment, a "dream" or "soul" from a different world came to me.
I felt as if "the sorcery of my soul" and "my destiny" was being controlled by a "lion."
I had another memory that he was "a devil" and was in every way aware of the engineering of my mind and my memory.
I feel as if he is a liar 100 times - he is very stupid; my mind will turn, and if he sees a "stupid thought" he will capitalize it and make it worse.
I feel as if "the christians" will not recognize that I am a man, and want me to in every way be raised "enslaved" and bound to "peasant."
I don't know the truth.
I'm very confused. It has something to do with "Zero no Tsukaima" - a group of people, a heaven, that believes in "never giving freedom to anyone."

The lion will not ever tell me the truth; he will not acknowledge that I am poor and that my life is meaningless or stupid; he will not tell the truth about my life, and human aging, and the horror of being an "old age human" who lost his chance to be free and live well.

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