Sunday, August 17, 2014

Awesome! [Angel]

A bird crashed into my window! It hit it at maybe a 70% direct hit, and glanced off.

I was about to leave, "somebody whispered to me, to have a conversation with *pet* before I go out;" I tried, but failed to get in the right mood and control my brain.

Then a bird crashed right into my window, and startled me. Maybe a pidgen.
I was immediately surprised and certain that it was a sign, or an angel.
They have already said things today like:
"Everything you're doing is about the object, the utility [and they point at my radiator heater]"
"You have to look at trees now; you've convinced yourself that "Shaitan" is the essence of adultery, corruption, x, x, x, and x, and that's not even real in modern christianity."
They say "You have to look at trees now, so we can communicate through history."

I saw the bird for maybe 1 second, and it escaped. But I did see feathers floating down, from the bird hitting the window.

And I went outside to collect some feathers, and look for the bird, but there was no sign of either.
I did see some sort of "nest" that *disturbed* me, nearly 50 feet away in a tree.
I took some pics of it. I thought it was a 3 foot spider-cocoon nest, which makes me freaky.

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