Sunday, August 17, 2014

Derek is a DEMON - the king of ass-lickers and dick takers.

I think my homo-roomie is A DEMON.
Every time I've ever tried to talk about homosexuality.... there is no room to discuss anything.

I've thought a lot about it - the smell of poop, the act of friendship with men, eating dicks, going to weird clubs and playing with drug users and crazy people.
I have strong opinions about gay.
I feel as if "some of the people I've met, angels and christians, would gladly turn somebody into a homosexual as an act of cruelty, amusement, or heinous abuse."
In fact, I've had many different dreams of scientists, who thought it would be extremely amusing, to create a "gay serum" or "drug" to make men become homosexuals.

My mind is very well made up - and millions of truths and powerful minds are in consensus: homosexuality is pathetic, mentally disturbed, and unclean.

But the DEMON "DEREK," a homosexual, inconsiderate prick, loser, poor boy, and freak - seems to have an aura which prevents me from expressing myself.

If he has an opinion about my dreams and my mind - I have a 4 times stronger opinion about his poor hygiene, bad lifestyle, and frequent ass-tasting.
But it hasn't come out.

I feel as if I need to take revenge, upon his ****. I also must do it upon the K*** P***** who will not recognize that it's wrong, and upon R***.
This is just "conventional" for men of truth and worth. I must take revenge for how many times I couldn't defend myself, my name, my blood, or my person, from lunacy and peasant supreme idiocy.

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