Friday, August 29, 2014

A few moments of intelligence - and God the abomin. drops me back into insanity.

Proof that America is 100% stupid:
they don't have fly traps at the Puyallup Fair.
If you made the whole fair 100% insect free, with some intelligent design, you could do something.
But America is just a giant fucking mafia, and a crime lord, and a belligerent emperor.
The God is being extremely deceptive and manipulative.
I want to die 100%, and I want to torture him for 130% of all the damage he has done to me.
I am 95% convinced there is zero holyness in America at all - and 5M police/soldiers/and FBI can destroy my blood and my soul 500 times before a single intelligent [word] finds me and saves me.
My quests leads me to "robots," although the ever-deceptive God is misleading.
"God is EVERYTHING" the human brain has ever created.
"The eyeball can see everything but not anything." It can see everything that isn't real, but it can never see dead people. This is extremely important.
Things you "see" or "imagine" on your hand are real, because the hand doesn't lie.
"1947 was when TIME computers were released onto the world" "Everything after then has been time." "You're inside of a computer world, because you were born after the computer era."
I don't really know.

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