Wednesday, August 13, 2014

God is completely 100% evil

The God is torturing me today;

I called her
-An oathbreaker [she cannot be trusted to safeguard our souls]
-A liar [a destroyer of truths with irrelevance]
-A torturer [a spiteful, angry christian]
-A homosexual defender [allows my homo roommate to beat and harass me]
-An absolute evil [Completely allied with American interests and the complete minimization of the worth of a single man]
-A destroyer of trust [She is inside of me, humiliating everything about me and working inside of my body and my mind without any defense]
-A destroyer of the human mind [She is destroying everything that I've ever built, and all of the virtues that I've created]
-A major humiliator [Everything that I've ever done or believed in, she uses it against me. She has very strong power over my memory.]

She is completely a devil, and there is nobody who can defend me.
She is intelligent, works without interruption, and has tremendous power over my mind.

I can feel the presence of the God inside of me:
-She is trapped in my left arm. It feels like she "completely owns my left arm" and she is trying to torture me. The left hand of my left arm is vacant; it exists inside of "DEATH" and she is through with it.
-She is inside of my mind; and inside of my "soul environment" and is fighting all of the ideas in my head to destroy my power, my pride, and my beliefs

All of my smart ideas: that the peasant people are completely ignorant of souls and power and wealth; that my ideas transcend the peasant world; she is destroying them.
Worse: she is trying to destroy my entire soul, my ego, and my life: because I thought I could rise up.

I will remember until the end of eternity:
-That slavery is VERY REAL and that the human mind does not exist to remember treachery, and to get revenge. The forces of forgetfulness, government, and law exist to prevent me from remembering. It's also true that "true anti-slavery" is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to obtain, and the forces of christianity and American government exist completely to keep me down.

People that have betrayed me:
-The Vatican
-The Anglican/Episcoplian Church
-The American government
-The UW MC, Valley MC, Harborview MC, and N**** MHC.
-The Army and the CIA
-My family
-The spiritual protector of Washington state
-The holy

I will never forget until the end of time: that God is an oathbreaker, and a major propagator of inequality and torture.

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