Sunday, August 24, 2014

God is completely real - I'm certain

How to prove that God is real:
-Try to commit a major act of terror: something like a car burglary [vandalizing 30 cars in a parking lot or garage]
-It's not possible

Now how to prove that God truly is real  [why I can't]
-What if the problem is actually "the human mind" and "the human species?"
-How do we prove that it's God, and not my mind, and my DNA, and my sociology?

-I feel very strongly that the God does not allow me to realize, or think clearly. He is obstructing me.
-There are so many different ideas: of major power [destruction, torture] that never, ever happen. That's proof to me that the God is real. Apparently: he HATES smart people committing destruction; juvenile acts of terror. It's my belief that he's [Russian] and wants all people to fight the world, the law, and the gov't through acceptable means, like protests or different.

-I still believe that the Christian god is treacherous; that my blood and my soul and my heart do not protect me from torture, even by "peasant people" and "queers."
-I will never forget ----- xxx  **** "Oathbreaker."

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