Friday, August 15, 2014

How stupid America is [part 1]

How dumb America is:

-America uses 3 major condiments on their hotdogs and Hamburgers.
Ketchup, Mustard, Mayonaise

But because American's are retarded, lazy, inbred, and completely stupid about liberty and freedom:
-They don't do anything special with the colors, that every American sees when they eat food.

Red, Yellow, White

What if..... an emboldened, youthful, intelligent republic:
created food colors for the condiments.
My suggestion:

Or Maybe:

I have a lot of smart ideas of America.
Obviously, I have strongly rejected the American constitution; I did strong research on European history and determined that "The Magna Carta" [alternative] is CORRECT. Not only does it teach us the "TRUTH" about God, human history, and the amount of souls, but it tells time.

I feel very strongly about American mind control, the blackmail of citizens by police, lawyers, corporations, advertisers, and military.
I feel that America is very lazy, and doesn't fight the human species
America may be a "peasant nation" which is disgusting.

I FORGOT. Genies aren't REAL in America [Rofl].
Genies are people who love color [because souls r IN LOVE with color]
I forgot that America doesn't have a single city that was made from colors. I guess this idea was mist.

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