Saturday, August 2, 2014

I can't go to Seafair

While thinking about going to Seafair - I am reminded once again - the city of Seattle HATES ME, in every single way.
I am completely unwanted, disrespected, and hated by the government of Seattle.
Their religion despises me.
I feel like I'm the Devil - a poor person who is universally hated by everyone in the city, and can't do simple things like going to fairs without feeling loads of bile in my mouth.
I already knew the truth: I knew that in Seattle: I don't have any legal rights, or any power.
I knew that tens of thousands of Seattle elite despise me in every way - for my face, my poverty, and my sins.
The rich people of Seattle hate me even more. They despise me for wanting revenge, for telling the truth, for trying to live.

Even Jesus, and the Catholics, and all of the religious people hate me.
They despise every part of my skin, my eyes, my blood, and my soul.

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