Thursday, August 14, 2014

I can't sleep; I can't write; I can't think

They say the "demons get paid for breaking my mind."
"they get paid for egging me on and getting me to respond."
Even now, I'm having a hard time speaking, and writing this. I entered a different mood before I got here, and it's impacting my head.

They are EXTREMELY VISCIOUS AND DECEPTIVE AND LYING, and I do not in any way know what game we're playing, or what the rules are.
All I know is that they're "supreme." They're American, and they're christian, and they're extremely manipulative and deceptive.

The christians are supreme; they are 100% playing a different game than I'm aware; and they're purpose is torture, mind control, lying, and sin.
They are 10 Satans large, and extremely filthy.

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