Saturday, August 23, 2014

I got home from a walk

Got tortured again in.

Some crazy dude says "your soul is car" and "I'm going to stick a 5 foot long metal hook inside of you to open the door." "I feel as if -my rib is bending- and -they're trying to turn me into a homosexual- and -they're trying to break my truth completely."
"The american infinite evil is accusing me of hundreds of crimes, and wants me to pay for hundreds of years of treachery. But I'm just a 29 year old soul-user with no money."

The mind of the christians for torture is very, very big - and they are about as stupid as 500 peasant people stuck in a time machine. TRUTH is foreign to them - in fact, I'd say they are even anti-truth.
My closest friends: the place I go for help:
-The mental hospital
-army enlistment

American infinite hatred and absolute treachery has destroyed my entire brain, and all of my soul.
I will never forgive them, absolutely. I swear on my silver blood.

I got home, after a walk.
I'm trying to play "The sims 3 deluxe" off of KAT torrents.
The EA screen to enter your email and password is in Russian. I translated it, painstakingly, but it wasn't valid, and I can't figure out how to make it work.
The KAT comments section doesn't talk about it. I think it's a conspiracy.

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