Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I have some memories that I'm remembering today

1) you have a special magick, that belongs to just you; I've built it with my blood and my patience. It's unique to you, and it's very, very good.
2) Blue/green is very important, but it's actually from "The tree of life" [Think Israel Regardie]. I'm very optimistic by this.
3) God [the accuser] want's me to know that me driving "up a hill" [in rural N. Spok***] and "the scenic route" is important; it's when I "listened to something" or "realized something" or "lost my soul/rights."
4) Jesus once told me, "you're immortal now, because you created something very important." It was a r*** and it was all about my money and my magick-based religion.
5) Again, J.C. [Jesus] told me that "You shouldn't follow me; you should be following 'the other one.' Think of me as 'the monarch' and know that I'm the guy that you hate - the monopoly holder that wants you to work."
6) The human mind isn't strong; it can't understand all the different forces acting on me; one time, I was fighting "military complex people" and they wanted me to know that "my soul" was involved in both satellite warfare, and also "the missile that protects Sea***." Of course, it was completely incomprehensible to me, and I couldn't agree even 1%. I feel very strongly that "the military people" have their own "God" who controls them: gives them strength and power [money] and keeps them dumb, so they never "go green" and find the truth. Also, he makes lots of people terrified; how he bends the truth so that we have to accept "the military boys" and don't work.
7) J.C. is actually "the god of priests" and if you want special favoritism, and to be "rewarded well" you have to be a man-of-the-cloth. It was actually very impo. to him.
8) The true religion is actually "Immortality" or similarly "TIME;" but they're not the same thing. "A man knows no fear of death, and lives forev"

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