Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I think my homo roommate is a freak, or a homo demon.

I'm seriously considering filing a police report.
My landlord is probably more friendly to him than I, though.

I went to the bathroom at 4:40, and he left urine in the toilet [this is the 10th time].
I think the homo is 100% shameless, and perverted and dominant.
As soon as I left the bathroom, he woke up and went to the bathroom himself.

In addition, he doesn't leave his door closed; he leaves it open, which reminds me again that he is completely shameless and trying to take over the house.

Every time I shout [a dog needs to bark], he is at my room immediately, rapping at the door and threatening me. He does so instantly; which reminds me that he is trying very hard to make me afraid of him.
I think he truly looks down on me, and takes all of the negative stereotypes seriously.
The weird thing is:
-He shouts at me for 10 minutes if I shout out loud.
-He has absolutely no shame, and doesn't think that he is vulnerable in any way.
-Last time, he called somebody on the phone to insult me, and to report me as a crazy person.
-He shouts at me to keep quiet, even if he wasn't sleeping; he does it because he thinks "the rules say" no noise after 10p, and he has liberally expanded it to 8p.

I want him gone, and I want him genotyped; so we can see what the hell is wrong with him.

In every single way - he looks down on me, and he uses his homosexuality as an excuse and a weapon; by forcing himself on me and using gay culture against me.

What does he look like:
- A gay person
- A very cocky face
- Kind of dumb looking.

The last time he knocked on my door, I felt my body heat rise rapidly, my mind go cloudy, and I felt like I was 100% completely in danger; I also felt completely useless, and unable to protect myself or my head from his assault.
His name is Derek and he's the most disturbing person I've ever met.

I feel as if I'm CURSED, because this is the not the 1st time I've been trapped in my room, terrified of my roommates.

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