Saturday, August 23, 2014

My recent torture

I think the truth is:
I wanted to die, more than anything.
It was my opinion, and the opinion of thousands of books and philosophers, that death eternal was the conclusion of decades of research and genie-like truth.

And the christians, the Americans, the Russians, and everyone else:
they took my entire soul, my mind, my memory, and reverse engineered me absolutely so that I was in every single way humiliated, and untruthful.
And they tortured me completely, for the purpose of absolute humiliation, so that I could not die.

And everything I've ever believed about anti-human, and absurd peasant hatred, and angel - was humiliated absolutely.
I am convinced that the American infinite abomination [empire] literally believes I am a soul-less peasant, and they will persist in torture, slavery, humiliation, imprisonment, plagiarism, and fraud - for 100 years, to destroy my silver, my sun, my heaven, and my time.
America is absolutely evil, and bound 100% by sorcery and memory destruction.
They are absolutely peasant, and anti-truth.
I feel over and over again - somebody entering my body, entering my psychic body- and my mind is bending and become "queer" and he is lying absolutely, with the power of holy and God.
He is torturing me, and I am accepting it.

God is absolutely an oathbreaker - and life is not supernatural, and life is very weak and fragile.
And America is absolutely, 1000 times, treacherous and infinitely evil.

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