Saturday, August 2, 2014

I was tortured very seriously. The person who did it is 1: The Army; 2: The Fed; 3: The God [SATAN]

I was tortured very horribly today. [While I was at the Southcenter mall in Tukwila, after coming home from Seafair]
The person who did it was a Christian - he calls himself "pilgrim."

I was tortured worse than any human should ever have to feel.
I felt SERIOUS LOSS and major insanity - like I was losing my soul, my identity, my face, my truth.

I felt as if SATAN the DEVIL was doing it, but I knew it was a Christian. I knew it was somebody "who held power," and felt that my truth was wrong, and contradictory to his religion.

He lied to me about nearly EVERYTHING I've ever believed in.
I am reminded that AMERICA HATES ME, and that they will not defend me, they will only lock me up.

I am also reminded that "GOD OF TRUST" is an OATHBREAKER.
And that my memories, and my truth, and my soul, and my face, and all of my secrets - are open to them, to change, modify, alter, destroy, humiliate.

I think today is the time when I remember: there is nothing good in this world for me.
There are people in this world who exist to destroy me - my happiness, my joy, my truth: and they have POWER in the USA government. And I am literally nothing.

They are accusing me of a major crime: "You killed somebody in 'Germany'" But I don't remember what happened, if it ever did.
It's very sick and disgusting, what they're saying.

I believe 10 times now - 10 times certainly - that death forever, eternally, is better than this fate.
I am also completely certain now: that God [christian] is an oathbreaker, and he will rewrite my memories, and keep my enslaved for the rest of time - he is a sick, disgusting form of life, almost the same thing as SATAN the defiler.

As I got home, the voices are still in my head. They're very, very personal. Some of them talk like Army people, some talk like angels, some talk like a mayor or a congressman, some talk like they're "a voice of authority." My mind has been broken. I cannot defend myself anymore.
They're accusing me of crimes, they're accusing me of being an evil person, they're lying about things which I know to be true. It's very, very painful, and very personal, and it feels like I'm being tortured.
It's almost like "God is doing it."

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