Monday, August 11, 2014

I'm being tortured again

I woke up at 4AM and felt my mind taken over, and submerged in some very weird fantasy - it's extremely terrifying: like I am already dead, and about to be worked, or tortured for how much I hate myself.

It's complete, absolute humiliation.
It's complete, absolute slavery.
They're lying 10,000 times a day.
In my mind, I cannot discern where I am; the circumstances of my life; if I am awake or not; if I am free or not.

They're pretending to be a DEMON, they're pretending to be the American USA Government.
they're pretending to be soldiers, torturers, government officials.

I have very strong reason to believe that I am going to die - that God is going to betray me - that I will be bound in infinite slavery.

They are lying about everything 100%. They are lying completely and humiliating me in every single way.
I have never met a single person in this Earth who will help me live, who will believe me.
The voices in my head are 100% evil in every single way - it feels as if they have complete power over my soul and my life force, and I am literally nothing.
Nobody has ever helped me before - nobody has ever believed me.

I think the truth is that I need to die - 100%, 12 different times, to be free of this infinite humiliation, hatred, slavery, and torture.

It is almost 100% certain that the US government is involved - that they are humiliating me, destroying my truth, the sanctity of my life, and that they are trying to make me a traitor, and to destroy me [slavery, torture, humiliation] completely if I do not stop acting dominant, truthful, or alive. I believe America is involved 100%, 5 times, because they are infinintely evil and absolutely deceptive.

I feel like "my soul is awake or alive," but it's inside of a baby, or something similar, and it's very, very disturbed.
I am completely terrified, and extremely angry, that I am all alone, fighting major forces of the Earth that hate me 100%.

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