Friday, August 22, 2014

Juuousei - what [G**] told me to watch [not nething1]

So apparently it has money in it.
-A complicated plot
-TIME-based elements
-Mature humor
-Smart usage of history

I've wanted to watch it for over a year now, but I can't seem to get enough willpower to do.
It sits in my download folder, with a link on the desktop; I can't do it.

I've watched a lot of animu before, including some that were completely sloppy and poor.
My current belief is that "the anime market is OWNED by advertisers, and poor people" and that real anime comes from belief, and TIME.
I also think it's very weird that we aren't introduced to more Chinese terror; I feel they must have some very smart ideas. Our cultural predicament, and our enslavement to the American empire, their will, and their absolute dogma; I don't know what.
But god.
-4chan humor-

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