Friday, August 22, 2014

Letter to Fed [I need to resolve this ASAP]

My interaction with America has to be resolved immediately!
I can die for hating, distrusting America. I feel as if I have been "out of touch" for far too long.
"The fed will kill me - because my religion is against their trust, their holy, and their TIME"

-I am very hostile to the American businessworld - I absolutely will not respect a peasant, no matter what [it's my entire religion: angel] - especially if he is well-educated and behaves in a statistically similar manner to other mustaches.
-I like to have long hair, and facial jewely - to show that I'm a genie [angel]. I am completely 100% wealthy upper-class rich person [from heaven - the stars] [In my current form - I have almost zero money, and am in danger of harassment from my former university, the Dept. of Education (loans), and the credit bureaus.]

-I believe that America is following a different version of history than me: I believe in the "German Magna Carta from 1700s" - because it tells the truth about religion and life.
-I believe that the American public cannot understand the intelligence I have developed, based upon genie and angel - my understanding of life, wealth, and population control is very, very demonic and I cannot at all believe that I am friendly with the soul-less and middle-class American government.
-I am a soul first - because my soul connects me with hundreds of other human bodies - and it can talk to the God and the Hell.
-I am a scientist, and am very anti-christian: we can never, ever agree that God's name is more important than my own, or that blind faith and hysteria are acceptable.

-I think "The God [creator]" still has control over my brain, my soul, and my life - my mind has not fully matured - and I still cannot comprehend the worst parts of the world, or be a "real player" in the game of lies, crime, religion, or money.
-I have strong memories of heaven/hell, and the world beyond Earth [the supernatural world that exists in the universe - and they are extremely important to me - they prove that my belief in life-first and supernatural life are completely real and valid.]

-I don't engage in strong political discourse - I am almost entirely interested in life extension, spiritual health, time-awareness, angelic discourse, and networking with other angel/time rich people - who live sheltered life and create an anti-peas [soul-less humans] world with their software, computers, networks, and neighborhoods.

-My name [soul profile] is "backwards" because of "life extension" and that's why many people mistakenly assume things about me which are wrong. I'm in danger of being attacked by "soul-aware" powers.

-I strongly believe my soul and my body have been wronged by the America and their plans - my ability to lie, my ability to create "a perfect crime" such as burglary, my ability to comprehend "true wealth" and the special rights of American rich people. I cannot accomplish these things with my mind and current wings.

-I have absolutely no intention of ever joining the armed forces; I will not allow peas [soul-less people] to shout at me, without immediate retaliation. Any curriculum meant for peas [soul-less people] is irrelevant to me.

-I feel very weak - as if the sun does not shine on moi, and that my body health is very low, and my life exists in the 2nd tier of human activity.

-I am very, very interested in supernatural life, time awareness, genie intelligence, and the usage of "advanced computers," "news undergrounds," and "angel computers" to understand the world for me, and to simplify my relationship with orgs. and governments and major political issues.

-I believe "life," "light," and advanced medicines are readily available, and will not allow anyone to get in my way to procure them. There are billion dollar medical facilities in the world, and what they have is of strong interest to moi. Chinese medicines and special herbs are of interest to moi also.

-I am not in any way a homosexual - even if I were infected, I would still not be a homosexual.

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