Thursday, August 14, 2014

Letter to Government [about roommate]

It's important to work "through" the law, as we're not supposed to speak [police].

My roommate is threatening me. He's a bug, and I'm a human. His name is Derek.

I'm been going through treatment for voices, but they're not very bad and nobody's in danger.
I shout, or sometimes "give speeches" in my loud voice [in my room], sometimes I shout at people. [A dog has to bark] Every time he hears me doing so, he comes to my door and knocks and tries over and over again to remind me that I'm not allowed to make voices. It has happened around 6 times now, and it's getting worse.
The rent agreement says no loud voices after 10p, but he has liberally changed it to 8pm.
Sometimes if he doesn't knock on my door, he harasses me the next day.

-The roommate is a serious homosexual groupy
-His identity is completely gay, and I'm not friendly to "people with disorders"
-He's completely shameless - he doesn't have any fear or shame at all
-He sleeps very, very lightly, and leaves his door open so he can control the hallway
-Very often I will go to the bathroom at night and he will immediately be awake, watching me
-He is very, very negative, and sees me as somebody very stupid and humiliating.
-He has gay sex in his room, and is often times inviting people over for drugs [I can hear it]

Today I tried to avoid the issue, but he "stepped in front of me" and I saw it as an act of aggression
-The landlord doesn't care about him
-He wants to charge me money for not doing chores; he doesn't believe in me [I was very, very insulted]
-he strongly exaggerates what I've done [bad], and what I haven't done [chores]
-He is very insulting to me, and is always looking down on me
-He always leaves urine in the toilet, and doesn't flush
-He is very angry about me leaving a hall light on, at night
-He throws away things which belong to me
-He tells me where I can put my groceries; "you can't put them on the counter" or on empty shelves
-Very often, I will not leave my room for most hours of the day, because he's here. If he's out of his room, I won't leave my room.
-He often speaks like he's being reasonable, but I think he's WAY OVER THE LINE.

I feel like he's "a demon" or "somebody very malevolent"
-Whenever I shout or talk, he is at the door immediately, sometimes in as little as 8 seconds
-He knocks for up to 5 minutes, and sometimes calls people on the phone
-He doesn't understand why I don't answer the door - he just thinks I'm stupid

I don't respect him, because I think he's "a common person" with no virtue or redeeming qualities

Every time he speaks to me, it's insulting and threatening.
-My blood goes very cold
-My legs shake
-My mind goes blank
-I can't defend myself with intelligence or cleverness

He is the number 1 most unpleasant thing about living here; I am very afraid of him, and what he is going to do
I want him to stop harassing me, and to have a restraining order put in against him.

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